Textmate to Vim, JEdit and Kate/KWrite color scheme converter
Ruby Vim script
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Coloration is editor/IDE color scheme converter. Right now it allows you to convert your favourite Textmate color scheme (in XML plist format) to Vim, JEdit and KDevelop/Kate/Kwrite color scheme. It tries to do its best to generate the most accurate result for given target.


If you are running Coloration from the command line locally, a modern version (> 2.0) of Ruby is required. Note: You may have trouble running Coloration with Windows installations. (Pull requests welcome!)

Installation && Usage

You can use Coloration in two ways: online or on your local machine. The online version is available at coloration.ku1ik.com. If you like to install coloration on your own machine to do some batch conversion or for some other reason just run:

gem install coloration

It gives you tm2vim, tm2jedit and tm2katepart binaries to do the conversion on command line.


If you found a bug or want to look at the source code you should go to github. Also if you tried to convert a theme and coloration failed or result is not quite good, please report an issue at issue tracker.


Coloration was created by Marcin Kulik (ku1ik.com)