A lexical analyser generator for Haskell
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Alex: A Lexical Analyser Generator

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Alex is a Lex-like tool for generating Haskell scanners. For complete documentation, see the doc directory.



Alex is built using Cabal. First install GHC and cabal-install, then:

$ cabal configure
$ cabal build
$ cabal install

Alex version 2.0 has changed fairly considerably since version 1.x, and the syntax is almost completely different. For a detailed list of changes, see the release notes in the documentation.

Alex is now covered by a BSD-Style licence; see the licence file in the 'doc' directory for details.

The sources are in the 'src' directory and the documentation in the 'doc' directory; various examples are in the 'examples' subdirectory.

The source code in the 'src' and 'examples' directories is intended for a Haskell 98 compiler with hierarchical modules. It should work with GHC >= 5.04.

Please report any bugs or comments at https://github.com/simonmar/alex/issues

Share and enjoy,

Chris Dornan: cdornan@arm.com

Isaac Jones: ijones@syntaxpolice.org

Simon Marlow: simonmar@microsoft.com