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Tests to ensure certain things are documented.
from click.testing import CliRunner
from datasette import app
from datasette.cli import cli
from pathlib import Path
import pytest
import re
docs_path = Path(__file__).parent.parent / 'docs'
label_re = re.compile(r'\.\. _([^\s:]+):')
def get_headings(filename, underline="-"):
content = (docs_path / filename).open().read()
heading_re = re.compile(r'(\w+)(\([^)]*\))?\n\{}+\n'.format(underline))
return set(h[0] for h in heading_re.findall(content))
def get_labels(filename):
content = (docs_path / filename).open().read()
return set(label_re.findall(content))
@pytest.mark.parametrize('config', app.CONFIG_OPTIONS)
def test_config_options_are_documented(config):
assert in get_headings("config.rst")
@pytest.mark.parametrize("name,filename", (
("serve", "datasette-serve-help.txt"),
("package", "datasette-package-help.txt"),
("publish now", "datasette-publish-now-help.txt"),
("publish heroku", "datasette-publish-heroku-help.txt"),
def test_help_includes(name, filename):
expected = open(str(docs_path / filename)).read()
runner = CliRunner()
result = runner.invoke(cli, name.split() + ["--help"], terminal_width=88)
actual = "$ datasette {} --help\n\n{}".format(
name, result.output
# actual has "Usage: cli package [OPTIONS] FILES"
# because it doesn't know that cli will be aliased to datasette
expected = expected.replace("Usage: datasette", "Usage: cli")
assert expected == actual
@pytest.mark.parametrize('plugin', [
name for name in dir( if not name.startswith('_')
def test_plugin_hooks_are_documented(plugin):
headings = [
s.split("(")[0] for s in get_headings("plugins.rst", "~")
assert plugin in headings
def documented_views():
view_labels = set()
for filename in docs_path.glob("*.rst"):
for label in get_labels(filename):
first_word = label.split("_")[0]
if first_word.endswith("View"):
return view_labels
@pytest.mark.parametrize("view_class", [v for v in dir(app) if v.endswith("View")])
def test_view_classes_are_documented(documented_views, view_class):
assert view_class in documented_views