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from django.http import HttpResponse
from django.template import loader, Context, RequestContext
class SimpleTemplateResponse(HttpResponse):
def __init__(self, template, context, *args, **kwargs):
# These two properties were originally called 'template' and 'context'
# but django.test.client.Client was clobbering those leading to really
# tricky-to-debug problems
self.template_name = template
self.template_context = context
self.baked = False
super(SimpleTemplateResponse, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def resolve_template(self, template):
"Accepts a template object, path-to-template or list of paths"
if isinstance(template, (list, tuple)):
return loader.select_template(template)
elif isinstance(template, basestring):
return loader.get_template(template)
return template
def resolve_context(self, context):
"context can be a dictionary or a context object"
if isinstance(context, Context):
return context
return Context(context)
def render(self):
template = self.resolve_template(self.template_name)
context = self.resolve_context(self.template_context)
content = template.render(context)
return content
def bake(self):
The template is baked the first time you try to access
response.content or iterate over it. This is a bit ugly, but is
necessary because Django middleware sometimes expects to be able to
over-write the content of a response.
if not self.baked:
def force_bake(self):
"Call this if you have modified the template or context but are "
"unsure if the template has already been baked."
self.baked = True
def __iter__(self):
return super(SimpleTemplateResponse, self).__iter__()
def _get_content(self):
return super(SimpleTemplateResponse, self)._get_content()
def _set_content(self, value):
"Overrides rendered content, unless you later call force_bake()"
return super(SimpleTemplateResponse, self)._set_content(value)
content = property(_get_content, _set_content)
class TemplateResponse(SimpleTemplateResponse):
def __init__(self, request, template, context, *args, **kwargs):
# self.request gets over-written by django.test.client.Client - and
# unlike template_context and template_name the _request should not
# be considered part of the public API.
self._request = request
super(TemplateResponse, self).__init__(
template, context, *args, **kwargs
def resolve_context(self, context):
if isinstance(context, Context):
return context
return RequestContext(self._request, context)
# Even less verbose alias:
render = TemplateResponse
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