DEPRECATED: RubyMine supports RuboCop now
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In the latest 2017 EAP release, RubyMine finally supports RuboCop.

RuboCop for RubyMine

This is a simple RubyMine/IDEA plugin that integrates RuboCop as a linter for your Ruby projects.


  • Download the .zip
  • Got to the Plugins-Settings in your IDE (IDEA/RubyMine).
  • Click "Install plugins from disk..."
  • Select the ZIP
  • Restart the IDE
  • Wait a few seconds for the IDE to load and give Rubocop some time to inspect the current file.
  • Hover your mouse over highlighted issues to see the warning/error message.
  • You have to save a file to trigger re-validation of your file.


  • Make sure that you added a .rubocop.yml to the root of your project.
  • If you use bundler you have to include rubocop in your Gemfile.

If it still doesn't work...

Important I will happily merge pull-requests but can't and won't do free support.



State of Development

I'm not working on this project. This is more of a proof-of-concept and works for me(tm). Feel free to fork it and maybe send a Pull-Request once you added something meaningful.


RuboCop for RubyMine is released under the MIT license.