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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Flask extension that provides integration with CouchDBKit.
:copyright: (c) 2010–2011 by Kridsada Thanabulpong.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os
import couchdbkit
from werkzeug.utils import cached_property
from couchdbkit import Server, Document as CouchDBKitDocument
from couchdbkit.loaders import FileSystemDocsLoader
from socketpool import ConnectionPool
from restkit.conn import Connection
from flask import current_app
__all__ = ['CouchDBKit']
class CouchdbkitFlaskAppExtension(object):
def __init__(self, app): = app
def pool(self):
pool_keepalive = int('COUCHDB_KEEPALIVE'))
pool_backend ='COUCHDB_BACKEND')
return ConnectionPool(Connection,
def server(self):
server_uri ='COUCHDB_SERVER')
return Server(server_uri, pool=self.pool)
def db(self):
return self.server.get_or_create_db(dbname)
def _reset(self):
self.__dict__.pop('db', None)
self.__dict__.pop('server', None)
self.__dict__.pop('pool', None)
def _include_couchdbkit(namespace):
module = couchdbkit.schema
props = [prop for prop in dir(module) if prop.endswith('Property')]
for key in props:
if hasattr(module, key) and key not in namespace:
namespace[key] = getattr(module, key)
class Document(CouchDBKitDocument):
def get_db(cls):
if cls._db is not None:
return cls._db #XXX: warn?
return current_app.extensions['couchdbkit'].db
class StaticDocument(Document):
_allow_dynamic_properties = False
class CouchDBKit(object):
"""This class is used to control CouchDB integration to a Flask
:param app: The application to which this CouchDBKit should be bound. If an
app is not provided at initialization time, it may be provided later by
calling `init_app` manually.
from couchdbkit.schema import DocumentSchema
Document = Document
StaticDocument = StaticDocument
def __init__(self, app=None): = app
if app is not None:
def db(self):
return current_app.extensions['couchdbkit'].db
def server(self):
return current_app.extensions['couchdbkit'].server
def init_app(self, app):
"""Bind an app to a CouchDBKit instance and initialize the database.
:param app: The application to which the CouchDBKit instance should be
app.config.setdefault('COUCHDB_SERVER', 'http://localhost:5984/')
app.config.setdefault('COUCHDB_DATABASE', None)
app.config.setdefault('COUCHDB_KEEPALIVE', 10)
app.config.setdefault('COUCHDB_VIEWS', '_design')
app.config.setdefault('COUCHDB_BACKEND', 'thread')
app.extensions['couchdbkit'] = CouchdbkitFlaskAppExtension(app)
def sync(self, app=None):
"""Sync the local views with CouchDB server."""
app = app or
if app is None:
return #XXX
local_path = app.config.get('COUCHDB_VIEWS')
design_path = os.path.join(app.root_path, local_path)
loader = FileSystemDocsLoader(design_path)