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Mike Verdone <>
Hatem Nassrat <>
Wes Devauld <>
Horacio Duran <> (utf-8 patch for IRC bot)
Rainer Michael Schmid (bugfix: crash when redirecting output to a file in 1.1)
Anders Sandvig (cmdline -l, -d, and -t flags)
Mark Hammond (OAuth support in API)
Prashant Pawar (IRC bot multi-channel support)
David Bittencourt (python 2.3 support)
Bryan Clark (HTTP encoding bugfix, improved exception logging)
Irfan Ahmad <> (Fixed #91 rate limit headers and #99 twitter API timeouts)
StalkR (archiver, follow)
Matthew Cengia <mattcen> (DM support, ISO timezone support, more API 1.1 support)
Andrew <adonoho> (Fixed streams support for HTTP1.1 chunked answers)
Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou <RouxRC> (Helped fix streams support for HTTP1.1 chunked answers, added image support and more API 1.1 support)