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Adds a few utilities based on the delicious Ramda library.

npm module


npm i ramdasauce --save

  • Depends on ramda 0.21.+.
  • Targets ES5.
  • Built with ES6.


Here's the quick list of functions and a simple example.

import RS from 'ramdasauce'

// --- Conversions ---
RS.toDate(1e12)             // a Number to a date Object
RS.toNumber('5')            // a String to a Number

// --- Object Shenanigans ---
const x = {a: 1, b: 2, c: {x: [5, 6]}}
RS.mapKeys(R.toUpper, x)    // transforms the keys of an object by the function
RS.dotPath('c.x.0', x)      // fetches a value from a nested object by a string path

// --- Generating Things ---
RS.rangeStep(2, 2, 10)      // generates a range of numbers with a step

// --- Finding Things ---
RS.findByProp('id', 'a', [{id: 'a', id: 'b'}])      // finds an object by propEq
RS.findIndexByProp('id', 'a', [{id: 'a', id: 'b'}]) // finds the index of an object by propEq

// --- Predicates ---
RS.isUndefined(qwerty)      // check if something is undefined
RS.isNotNil(null)           // check if something is not null or undefined
RS.isNilOrEmpty(null)       // checks if something is null, undefined or R.isEmpty
RS.isWithin(1, 2, 2)        // is the 3rd parameter within the range of 1st through 2nd?
RS.isNotWithin(1, 2, 100)   // is the 3rd parameter not within the range of 1st through 2nd?
RS.eqLength([1,2,3], 'abc') // tests 2 things to see if their length properties are the same
RS.startsWith('h', 'hi')    // does a string start with another string?
RS.endsWith('i', 'hi')      // does a string end with another string?

// --- Impure Randomness ---
RS.random(68, 70)           // a random number from the min to the max included
RS.sample(['red', 'blue'])  // picks a random item from a list

// --- Impure Debugging Tools ---
RS.log('x')                 // logs and returns the parameter
RS.trace('x', 1)            // logs the 1st param and returns the 2nd

Tips For Debugging

import R from 'ramda'
import RS from 'ramdasauce'

// NOTE: impure because they write to the console... but
// check this out:
  RS.log,  // <-- prints 'HI!!' to your console
)('HI') //=> 'hi!!'

  RS.trace('here'),  // <-- print 'here' to the console
)('HI') //=> 'hi'

Prior Art

Most of these functions were lifted from stuff I wrote in real projects.

(leans in and whispers)

I did look at these tho:


These helper functions target that sweet spot between:

Not right for ramda core.


Would never be used outside your app.

Functions being added here must be used in an app. Preferable more than once.

I hope this library won't turn into something like this:

RS.portmanteau('functor', 'wrecked')


Do you have any common ramda patterns you use frequently? Drop some issues or PRs in!

Release Notes

1.1.1 - August 17th, 2016

1.1.0 - June 16th, 2016

1.0.0 - April 3rd, 2016

  • Initial Release