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gutenHashTag - dynamic Twitter background
by @skidding Ovidiu Cherecheș
Requires PHP 5.something with GD.
UNIX instructions for installing:
> cd /path/to/gutenhashtag
> git clone .
> cp config.sample.php config.php
> vim config.php
Replace vars with keys from your Twitter app...
> :wq
> mkdir exports
Give ownership to webserver (Apache on Debian here) on "exports" dir
(consult /etc/passwd for actual username)
> chown www-data:www-data exports
or be a douche and give full permissions to everyone
> chmod 777 exports
> export EDITOR=vim
> crontab -e
Add this line at the bottom of the file:
*/15 * * * * cd /path/to/gutenhashtag && php -f upload.php
> :wq
See it live at