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title: wordpress_widgets
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# <%= settings.site_name.capitalize %> Product Reviews - WordPress Widgets <%= edit_link %>
Integrate the [<%= settings.site_name.capitalize %> Product Reviews](/partner_sku_reviews)
on your WordPress / WooCommerce shop.
> ##### NOTE
You must have installed the
<a href="" target="_blank">Skroutz Analytics WooCommerce plugin</a>
(version >= 1.4.0)
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## Introduction
The plugin provides two WordPress Widgets, that you can easily add:
* [Product Reviews Inline Widget](/partner_sku_reviews/#inline-widget)
* [Product Reviews Extended Widget](/partner_sku_reviews/#extended-widget)
> ##### Note
The widgets are displayed only on product pages and if there is at least one review for the product.
## Add Widgets from UI
You can add the widgets in any available
<a href="" target="_blank">widget area</a>
your theme supports.
### Theme customizer
If your theme supports it, you can use the theme customizer.
* Make sure you are logged in the admin panel and your user has a role that can edit the theme.
* Navigate to a product page in the front.
* In the upper left menu you should see a `Customize` button.
* Select the `Widgets` in the customizer menu on the left.
* A list with the available widget areas should appear.
* Select the area that you want the product reviews widget to be displayed and then select `Add a Widget` (as shown in the image below).
* The two <%= settings.site_name.capitalize %> product reviews widgets should appear in
the list with the available widgets.
* Finally select the widget and click `Publish`.
<%= image_tag "/assets/images/#{flavor}/partner_sku_reviews/wc_theme_customizer_example.png", class: 'partner-sku-reviews-wc-example' %>
### Admin panel
Alternatively you can always manage the widgets from the admin panel.
* Make sure you are logged in the admin panel and your user has a role that can edit the theme.
* Navigate to `Appearance` and select `Widgets`.
* A list with the available widget should appear on the left and the available widget areas on the right.
* Drag and drop the widget from the left list to the widget area of your choice to the right.
<%= image_tag "/assets/images/#{flavor}/partner_sku_reviews/wc_widget_admin_example.png", class: 'partner-sku-reviews-wc-example' %>
## Add Widgets programmatically
You can also add the widgets programmatically in any template by using the WordPress provided
<a href="" target="_blank">widget template tag</a>.
### Templates
You could add the widgets in your
<a href="" target="_blank">child theme's template</a>
for the single product: `wp-content/themes/your child theme/woocommerce/content-single-product.php`. Create `woocommerce`
directory if it doesn't exist in your child theme.
#### Template tag for inline widget
<?php the_widget( 'WC_Skroutz_Analytics_Product_Reviews_Inline_Widget' ); ?>
#### Template tag for extended widget
<?php the_widget( 'WC_Skroutz_Analytics_Product_Reviews_Extended_Widget' ); ?>
### Ηοοks
Instead of inserting the widget directly in the template you can use a
<a href="" target="_blank">WooCommerce hook</a>
in your
<a href="" target="_blank">child theme's</a>
functions.php: `wp-content/themes/your child theme/functions.php`
#### Hook for the inline widget
Hook to display the inline widget after the add to cart button.
_Adjust hook priority, 35 in this example, according to your theme's needs._
function show_skroutz_reviews_inline_widget() {
the_widget( 'WC_Skroutz_Analytics_Product_Reviews_Inline_Widget' );
add_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'show_skroutz_reviews_inline_widget', 35 );
#### Hook for the extended widget
Hook to display the extended widget after the product summary and before the up sell section.
_Adjust hook priority, 10 in this example, according to your theme's needs._
function show_skroutz_reviews_extended_widget() {
the_widget( 'WC_Skroutz_Analytics_Product_Reviews_Extended_Widget' );
add_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', 'show_skroutz_reviews_extended_widget', 10 );