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Code for "Visual Tracking via Dynamic Memory Networks"
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Visual Tracking via Dynamic Memory Networks


This is the Tensorflow implementation of our MemDTC tracker published in TPAMI, 2019. It extends our MemTrack by proposing a Distractor Template Canceling mechanism. Detailed comparision results can be found in the author's webpage


  • Python 3.5 or higher
  • Tensorflow 1.2.1 or higher
  • CUDA 8.0

Path setting

Set proper home_path in accordingly in order to proceed the following step. Make sure that you place the tracking data properly according to your path setting.

Tracking Demo

You can use our pretrained model to test our tracker first.

  1. Download the model from the link: GoogleDrive
  2. Put the model into directory ./output/models
  3. Run python3 in directory ./tracking


  1. Download the ILSRVC data from the official website and extract it to proper place according to the path in
  2. Then run the sh in ./build_tfrecords directory to convert ILSVRC data to tfrecords.
  3. Run python3 to train the model.

Citing MemTrack

If you find the code is helpful, please cite

	author = {Yang, Tianyu and Chan, Antoni B.},
	journal = {TPAMI},
	title = {{Visual Tracking via Dynamic Memory Networks}},
	year = {2019}
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