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package goque
import (
var (
// ErrIncompatibleType is returned when the opener type is
// incompatible with the stored Goque type.
ErrIncompatibleType = errors.New("goque: Opener type is incompatible with stored Goque type")
// ErrEmpty is returned when the stack or queue is empty.
ErrEmpty = errors.New("goque: Stack or queue is empty")
// ErrOutOfBounds is returned when the ID used to lookup an item
// is outside of the range of the stack or queue.
ErrOutOfBounds = errors.New("goque: ID used is outside range of stack or queue")
// ErrDBClosed is returned when the Close function has already
// been called, causing the stack or queue to close, as well as
// its underlying database.
ErrDBClosed = errors.New("goque: Database is closed")
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