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;;; Google Code Jam 2020, Qualification Round, Problem 4: esaB ataD
(defun solve (&optional setno)
(if setno
(let ((p (sb-ext:run-program "/usr/local/bin/python3" (list "" (format nil "~D" setno))
:input :stream :output :stream :wait nil)))
(assert p)
(sb-ext:process-output p)
(sb-ext:process-input p))
(sb-ext:process-close p)))
(solve-with-streams *standard-input* *standard-output*)))
(defun solve-with-streams (i o)
(let ((ncase (read i))
(N (read i)))
(catch 'solve-exit
(dotimes (caseno ncase)
(solve-case N i o)))))
(defun solve-case (N in out)
(let ((qi 0)
(known 0)
(npairs (ceiling N 2))
(q (make-array (list 4) :initial-element '())))
((query (k)
(incf qi)
(format out "~D~%" (+ k 1))
(finish-output out)
(let ((result (read in)))
(do ()
((>= known npairs))
(when (and (> qi 0) (= (mod qi 10) 0))
(let* ((invertedp
;; check for inversion
(if (or (not (endp (aref q 0)))
(not (endp (aref q 3))))
(multiple-value-bind (v i)
(if (not (endp (aref q 0)))
(values 0 (first (aref q 0)))
(values 3 (first (aref q 3))))
(let ((new (query i)))
(/= new (ash v -1))))
;; if we don't have any 0 or 3 pairs,
;; then we cannot distinguish between inversion and swap.
;; Let's assume there was no inversion.
(let ((ignore (query 0)))
(declare (ignore ignore))
;; check for swap
(if (or (not (endp (aref q 1)))
(not (endp (aref q 2))))
(multiple-value-bind (v i)
(if (not (endp (aref q 1)))
(values 1 (first (aref q 1)))
(values 2 (first (aref q 2))))
(let ((new (query i)))
(/= new (if invertedp (- 1 (ash v -1)) (ash v -1)))))
;; if we don't have any 1 or 2 pairs,
;; then we cannot detect swaps.
;; But we don't care either, so we can safely assume there was none.
(let ((ignore (query 0)))
(declare (ignore ignore))
(when invertedp
(rotatef (aref q 0) (aref q 3))
(rotatef (aref q 1) (aref q 2)))
(when swappedp
(rotatef (aref q 1) (aref q 2)))
(let* ((a (query known))
(b (query (- N 1 known)))
(x (+ (* a 2) b)))
(push known (aref q x))
(incf known)))
(let ((result (make-array (list N))))
(dotimes (a 2)
(dotimes (b 2)
(let ((x (+ (* a 2) b)))
(dolist (r (aref q x))
(setf (aref result r) a)
(setf (aref result (- N 1 r)) b)))))
(dotimes (i N)
(format out "~D" (aref result i)))
(format out "~%")
(finish-output out)
(let ((verdict (read-line in)))
(cond ((string= verdict "N")
(throw 'solve-exit nil))
((string= verdict "Y"))
(t (warn "Judge responds with unexpected verdict \"~A\"" verdict))))))))