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# Run like this:
# nix-build ./tarball.nix
# or
# nix-build --argstr hydraName snabb-lwaftr --argstr version v1.0.0 ./tarball.nix
# and the release tarball will be written to ./result/ . It will contain
# both the sources and the executable, patched to run on Linux LSB systems.
# NOTE: Hydra doesn't use the --tags parameter in the "git describe" command (see
# ), so lightweight (non-annotated) tags are not found. Always create annotated
# tags with the "git tag" command by using one of the -a, -s or -u options.
{ nixpkgs ? <nixpkgs>
, hydraName ? "snabb"
, src ? ./.
, version ? "dev"
pkgs = import nixpkgs {};
name = (src:
if builtins.isAttrs src then
# Called from Hydra with "src" as "Git version", get the version from git tags.
# If the last commit is the tag's one, you'll just get the tag name: "v3.1.7";
# otherwise you'll also get the number of commits since the last tag, and the
# shortened commit checksum: "v3.1.7-7-g89747a1".
# Called from the command line, the user supplies the version.
"${hydraName}-${version}") src;
in {
tarball = pkgs.stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
inherit name src;
buildInputs = with pkgs; [ makeWrapper patchelf ];
postUnpack = ''
mkdir -p $out/$name
cp -a $sourceRoot/* $out/$name
preBuild = ''
make clean
installPhase = ''
mv src/snabb $out
fixupPhase = ''
patchelf --shrink-rpath $out/snabb
patchelf --set-rpath /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu $out/snabb
patchelf --set-interpreter /lib64/ $out/snabb
doDist = true;
distPhase = ''
cd $out
tar Jcf $name.tar.xz *
# Make the tarball available for download through Hydra.
mkdir -p $out/nix-support
echo "file tarball $out/$name.tar.xz" >> $out/nix-support/hydra-build-products
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