Documentation of the Snakemake-Profiles project.
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The Snakemake-Profiles project

The Snakemake-profiles project is an effort to create configuration profiles for executing Snakemake in various computing environments (cluster systems like Slurm, SGE, Grid middleware, cloud computing). Snakemake-profiles has just started, and we need your help to support more computing environments.


In the following, you find a list of available profiles.

Profile Authors
surfsara-grid @johanneskoester
pbs-torque @neilav
slurm @percyfal



Contributing is easy:

  1. Create a new repository for your profile with your github account.
  2. Ensure that your profile follows our guidelines.
  3. Request a inclusion of your profile by creating a new issue. After successful review, we will fork your repository into this organization. This makes it easily discoverable by others, while you can still modify it via pull requests.


  1. A profile repository shall consist of one Snakemake profile.
  2. The structure of the profile should follow the surfsara-grid profile.
  3. The profile has to be installabile via cookiecutter.
  4. The readme of the profile has to provide installation instructions.