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snicoll Stream demonstration
This commit uses the new `WebClient` to contact another service
providing quote values. It then exposes that data as an event stream
that the client uses to draw a graph dynamically.
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Web flux streaming demo

This demo application showcases some of the features of the reactive support in Spring Framework 5.

quote-service is a functional-based kotlin service that emits a "random" quote every 200ms, either as server-sent events (SSE) or json stream.

quote-app uses embedded MongoDB and the upcoming reactive MongoDB support to showcase how a template engine can integrate with this new paradigm. It also has a UI that uses display the value of a set of actions live. For that, it uses the new WebClient API on the server side to get the values from the quote-service in a reactive fashion.

To run the demo, simply start the two apps and go to http://localhost:8080.