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about this project

this project contains a set of examples and tests for the RESTful API for the sTeam server.

the code is written in coffeescript and needs node.js only for coffeescript translation.
deployment can be done as static javascript files, and does not need any kind of dynamic server for the front-end.

the back-end is a RESTful API written for the sTeam server as used by

development instructions

step 1: install node.js

step 2: clone the repo

git clone

step 3: install node packages:

npm install

this installs all dependencies (including coffee) for our project into the project's node_modules directory based on the 'package.json' file

step 4: start the server

node_modules/.bin/coffee scripts/

but for convenience we can install coffee in the global node environment:

npm install -g coffee-script

so we can just say

coffee scripts/

if the server is working you'll see:

Listening on port 8000

how to contribute your changes

fork the project on github

clone the forked project to your computer

git clone<your name>/steam-rest

follow the instructions above to set up your environment

when you are properly set up you should be able to load http://localhost:8000/ in your browser

each example should be a standalone application, so copy one example, and modify it.

push changes to your repo frequently.

when ready please file a merge request or notify the project developers about your contribution

======= testing

FrisbyJS is used to test the API. It is run through Jasmine and is based on nodejs.

Once you have nodejs installed, run the following statement to install Frisby and Jasmine:

npm install -g jasmine-node frisby

Then execute the test by:

cd project/directory
jasmine-node tests/