do not use events internally #171

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rauchg commented May 6, 2013

like once('close') in server.js, since a user could call removeAllListeners('close')

nullbox commented Feb 8, 2014

I wrote a small failing test case for this

Does this issue belong in


rauchg commented Feb 9, 2014


brishin commented Feb 9, 2014

Follow up: it seems like very little code depends on events internally in the client code:

@brishin yeah, looks like 5 instances each of .on() and .once(). There's also an instance in lib/util.js and many more in the various lib/transports

brishin commented Feb 9, 2014

@davidhcummings Right, but there are only 3(?) instances of using the Emitter on the Socket object.
I don't think that the lib/transports are important because users shouldn't be messing with the transport objects anyway.


konstantinzolotarev commented Feb 16, 2017 edited

Faced with same issue.
I understand that it's not a real issue but mistake in code that based on
But if I need to remove all close listeners from socket using socket.removeAllListeners('close') it will cause a memory leak into application. Because server.clients would be never cleaned and connection amount wouldn't reduce after some socket closes connection.

Because of this:
This block would never be reached


konstantinzolotarev commented Feb 16, 2017

Might be it makes sense to split internal events and events that developers could rely on ?
For example for internal use could be created internal-close event but for usage normal close event would be fired ?

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