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Transport Methods
See COPYING for license information
import httplib
from socket import timeout
from urlparse import urlparse
from object_storage.errors import ResponseError, NotFound
from object_storage.utils import unicode_quote
from object_storage import consts
import urllib, urllib2
class Response(object):
def __init__(self):
self.status_code = 0
self.version = 0
self.phrase = self.verb = None
self.headers = {}
self.content = None
def raise_for_status(self):
if self.status_code == 404:
raise NotFound(self.status_code, "Not Found")
if (self.status_code >= 300) and (self.status_code < 400):
raise ResponseError(self.status_code, '%s Redirection' % self.status_code)
elif (self.status_code >= 400) and (self.status_code < 500):
raise ResponseError(self.status_code, '%s Client Error' % self.status_code)
elif (self.status_code >= 500) and (self.status_code < 600):
raise ResponseError(self.status_code, '%s Server Error' % self.status_code)
class BaseAuthenticatedConnection:
def _authenticate(self):
""" Do authentication and set token and storage_url """
self.auth_headers = self.auth.auth_headers
self.token = self.auth.auth_token
self.storage_url = self.auth.storage_url
def get_headers(self):
""" Get default headers for this connection """
return dict([('User-Agent', consts.USER_AGENT)] + self.auth_headers.items())
def chunk_upload(self, method, url, headers=None):
""" Returns new ChunkedConnection """
headers = headers or {}
return ChunkedUploadConnection(self, method, url, headers)
def chunk_download(self, url, chunk_size=10*1024):
""" Returns new ChunkedConnection """
headers = self.get_headers()
req = urllib2.Request(url)
for k, v in headers.iteritems():
req.add_header(k, v)
r = urllib2.urlopen(req)
while True:
buff =
if not buff:
yield buff
class BaseAuthentication(object):
Base Authentication class. To be inherited if you want to create
a new Authentication method. authenticate() should be overwritten.
def __init__(self, auth_url=None,
self.auth_url = auth_url
self.protocol = protocol or 'https'
self.datacenter = datacenter or 'dal05' = network or 'public'
self.use_default_storage_url = True
if not auth_url:
self.use_default_storage_url = False
self.auth_url = consts.ENDPOINTS[self.datacenter][][self.protocol]
self.storage_url = None
self.auth_token = None
self.authenticated = False
def get_storage_url(self, storage_urls):
if self.use_default_storage_url:
return storage_urls[storage_urls['default']]
if in storage_urls:
return storage_urls[]
return None
def auth_headers(self):
return {'X-Auth-Token': 'AUTH_TOKEN'}
def authenticate(self):
Called when the client wants to authenticate. self.storage_url and
self.auth_token needs to be set.
self.storage_url = 'STORAGE_URL'
self.auth_token = 'AUTH_TOKEN'
self.authenticated = True
class ChunkedUploadConnection:
Chunked Connection class.
send_chunk() will send more data.
finish() will end the request.
def __init__(self, conn, method, url, headers=None, size=None):
self.conn = conn
self.method = method
self.req = None
headers = headers or {}
if size is None:
if 'Content-Length' in headers:
del headers['Content-Length']
headers['Transfer-Encoding'] = 'chunked'
headers['Content-Length'] = str(size)
if 'ETag' in headers:
del headers['ETag']
url_parts = urlparse(url)
self.req = httplib.HTTPConnection(url_parts.hostname, url_parts.port)
path = requote_path(url_parts.path)
self.req.putrequest('PUT', path)
for key, value in headers.iteritems():
self.req.putheader(key, value)
except Exception, err:
raise ResponseError(0, 'Disconnected')
def send(self, chunk):
""" Sends a chunk of data. """
self.req.send("%X\r\n" % len(chunk))
except timeout, err:
raise err
except Exception, err:
raise ResponseError(0, 'Disconnected')
def finish(self):
""" Finished the request out and receives a response. """
except timeout, err:
raise err
res = self.req.getresponse()
content =
r = Response()
r.status_code = res.status
r.version = res.version
r.headers = dict(res.getheaders())
r.content = content
return r
class ChunkedDownloadConnection:
def __init__(self, conn, method, url, headers=None):
self.conn = conn
self.method = method
self.url = url
self.req = None
self.headers = headers or {}
def requote_path(path):
"""Re-quote the given URL path component.
This function passes the given path through an unquote/quote cycle to
ensure that it is fully and consistently quoted.
parts = path.split("/")
parts = (urllib.quote(urllib.unquote(part), safe="") for part in parts)
return "/".join(parts)
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