List of Web apps implementing Solid
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List of apps built on the Solid platform. Add yours!

Personal Data Apps

Sample/Tutorial Apps

Social Media / Collaborative Apps


  • 2048 Tile based puzzle game 2048

App Wishlist

Core Solid Apps Wishlist

  • Signup app / initial profile creation. (solid-signup)

  • People/Group Picker + ACL Manager

  • Welcome app - when users first sign up for a WebID account, they are redirected to this app. Provides links/docs/introduction to the Solid platform. (see solid/solid/issues/18)

  • Profile editor profile-editor

  • Admin app - when you launch a Solid server and visit the root URL, this is the app that gets served by default. Shows the status of the server, allows Admin users to edit/remove profiles, etc.

  • Dashboard app

General Wishlist

Wishlist items/suggestions go here.

  • Friends app (add/remove w QR codes)

  • Calendar app

  • Consensus app - create decisions (similar to a Poll), invite people/teammates to participate, comments and discussion, vote on the outcome (simple majority or runoff voting)

  • Presence app (online/offline). (possibly combine with Check-in app below)

  • Check-in/Location app (with GPS annotations)

  • Chat app

  • Photo Album app (comments + likes + notifications)

  • Pastebin clone

  • File share app (Dropbox/public folder type thing, or Pastebin/text share)

  • Ephemeral/temporary storage accounts

  • Backup Manager (tar/gzip and download your account's data, or S3/Glacier)

  • Disqus clone

  • Collection Manager (books, movies, games, etc)

  • Hospitality Preference (allergies, dietary restrictions, etc)

  • Bookmarking (bookmark a URI, and allow tagging)

  • Clone of