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Sonic Adventure 2 PC Mod Loader
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SA2ModLoader SA2B model structs Sep 14, 2019
SA2ModManager Whoops, forgot to change the title. Jan 13, 2019
data Adding code to enable cutscene debug features. Dec 9, 2018
libmodutils Extending format mask to fit SA2BMDL/SA2BLVL. Sep 14, 2019
mod-loader-common @ 51c3fb3 Updating mod-loader-common. Aug 22, 2019
.editorconfig fixed spelling Jun 29, 2017
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes Dec 20, 2015
.gitignore Updating SA2 Mod Manager with all of SADX Mod Manager's features. Feb 2, 2018
.gitmodules Adding mod-loader-common submodule. Mar 30, 2016
BuildScript.ini Replacing 7za.exe with 7z.exe/7z.dll, adds RAR support. May 11, 2018 Initial Commit Dec 7, 2013


Sonic Adventure 2 PC Mod Loader

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