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jQuery Tweetie - Simple Twitter Feed Plugin that works with new Twitter 1.1 API.


  • Easly template tweets using mustache-like {{date}} syntax
  • Format tweet timestamp using Linux/Unix %d/%m/%Y time formatting syntax
  • Set tweet count
  • Hide replies and only show your own tweets
  • Fetch tweets from a list.


#Usage New Twitter API requires oAuth Token Key, so it's three step process.

Step 1

First, you need consumer and consumer secret keys. Get them from

Step 2

Edit api/config.php file and replace variables with your Consumer and oAuth Keys.

    // Consumer Key

    // User Access Token

Step 3

Initlize just like any other plugin.



Option Default Description
username null Option to load tweets from another account or list owner's username.
list null List name to load tweets from. If you define list name you also must define the username of the list owner in the username option.
hashtag null Option to load tweets with a specific hashtag.
count 10 Number of tweets you want to display.
hideReplies false Set true if you want to hide "@" replies as well. Or leave it false to just to show your tweets and no replies.
dateFormat %b/%d/%Y Your date forma, refernce this table for available formats.
template {{date}} - {{tweet}} Format how you want to show your tweets. Feel free to add HTML, see this table for more refrence.
apiPath /api/tweet.php Path to your tweet.php file.

If you want to fetch tweets from a specific Twitter list, you must define the list name in the list option and username of the list owner.


It's very easy to add callback function, for example:

$('.tweet').twittie(function() {

If you have options defined, than callback function is placed as a second parameter, for example:

	'count': 1,
	'hideReplies': true
}, function() {


For now only two templating variables are available, more coming soon. You add as many HTML elements as you would like.

Template Description
{{tweet}} Tweet content
{{date}} Formatted tweet date
{{avatar}} User's Avatar Image
{{url}} Direct URL to the tweet
{{retweeted}} Returns true or false if tweet is retweeted
{{screen_name}} Screen name of person who posted the tweet
{{user_name}} Username of person who posted the tweet

Date Format

Format Description
%d Date, 1,2,3...
%m Month number 1,2,3...
%b Abbreviated month Jan, Feb, Mar...
%B Full month January, February, March...
%y Last two digits of year, 11,12,13...
%Y Full year 2011, 2012, 2013...

So, the default %b/%d/%Y would output as Feb/22/2013