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(load (merge-pathnames "quicklisp/setup.lisp"
(ql:quickload "cl-json")
(ql:quickload "fare-matcher")
(defpackage niecza (:use common-lisp))
(in-package :niecza)
; Macros
(defun xref-to-symbol (xref) (if (equal (first xref) "MAIN") (xref-to-symbol-real xref) (list 'quote (xref-to-symbol-real xref))))
(defun xref-to-symbol-real (xref) (intern (concatenate 'string "XREF-" (first xref) "-" (write-to-string (second xref)))))
(load "cl-backend/niecza-stash.lisp")
(defun main-xref (i) (xref-to-symbol (list "MAIN" i "...")))
(defmacro get-stash (name) (niecza-stash:to-stash-name name))
(defmacro nam-op (name params &body body) `(defmacro ,(concat-symbol 'nam- name) ,params ,@body))
(defun concat-symbol (a b) (intern (concatenate 'string (string a) (string b))))
; Translation to symbols
(defun method-name (name) (intern name))
(defun var-name (name) (intern name))
; Hacks
(nam-op ehspan (class name unused start end goto) )
(nam-op span (n1 n2 sync body) body)
(defun strip-ann (thing)
(if (consp thing)
(if (eq (first thing) 'nam-ann)
(strip-ann (fourth thing))
(mapcar #'strip-ann thing)
(defun to-symbol-first (thing)
(if (stringp thing)
(intern (string-upcase (concatenate 'string "nam-" thing)))
(to-symbol thing)))
(defun to-symbol (thing)
(if (consp thing)
(cons (to-symbol-first (first thing)) (mapcar #'to-symbol (rest thing)))
; P6 Classes
(defun make-scalar (value) (let ((scalar (make-instance 'p6-Scalar)))
(setf (slot-value scalar 'value) value)
(defclass p6-Mu () ())
(defgeneric |new| (invocant &rest rest))
(defmethod |new| (invocant &rest rest) (make-instance (class-of invocant)))
(defclass p6-Scalar () (value))
(defgeneric |FETCH| (value))
(defmethod |FETCH| ((container p6-Scalar)) (slot-value container 'value))
(defmethod |STORE| ((container p6-Scalar) value) (setf (slot-value container 'value)value))
(defmethod |FETCH| (thing) thing)
(defun compile-param (param)
(fare-matcher:match param
name ; For binding error messages
flags ; See doc/nam.pod
slot ; Name of lexical to accept value
names ; All legal named-parameter names
default ; Xref Sub to call if HAS_DEFAULT; must be child of this
) (if (equal flags 96)
(if slot
(var-name slot)
(defun mymap (func list) (remove-if #'null (mapcar func list)))
(defmacro define-nam-sub
(i ; The Xref Id
name ; Sub's name for backtraces
outer_xref ; OUTER:: sub, may be in a setting unit
flags ; See doc/nam.pod
children ; Supports tree traversals
param_role_hack ; See doc/nam.pod
augment_hack ; See doc/nam.pod
hint_hack ; See doc/nam.pod
is_phaser ; See doc/nam.pod
body_of ; Only valid in immediate block of class {} et al
in_class ; Innermost enclosing body_of
cur_pkg ; OUR:: as a list of names
class ; &?BLOCK.WHAT; "Sub" or "Regex"
ltm ; Only for regexes; stores declarative prefix
exports ; List of global names
signature ; May be null in exotic cases
lexicals ; Come in multiple forms
nam ; See description of opcodes earlier
`(defun ,(main-xref i) ,(mymap #'compile-param signature) (let ,(lexicals-to-let lexicals) ,@nam)))
(defun xref-to-subsymbol (xref) (main-xref (cadr xref)))
(defmacro define-nam-module (
name ; The object's debug name
exports ; List of global names to which object is bound
) `(setf ,(main-xref i) 'placeholder))
(defmacro define-nam-class (
name ; The object's debug name
exports ; List of global names to which object is bound
attributes ; Attributes local to the class
methods ; Methods local to the class
superclasses ; Direct superclasses of the class
linear_mro ; All superclasses in C3 order
(let ((class (main-xref i)))
(defclass ,class (p6-Mu) ())
,@(mapcar (lambda (m) (compile-method class m)) methods)
(setf ,(main-xref i) (make-instance ',(main-xref i)))
(defun method-name (name) (intern name))
(defun compile-method (class method)
(fare-matcher:match method
((and (list
name ; Method name without ! decorator
kind ; Allowable kinds are "normal", "private", and "sub"
var ; Variable for implementing sub in param role
body ; Reference to implementing sub
) (when (equal kind "normal")))
`(defmethod ,(method-name name) ((invocant ,class) &rest rest) (apply ',(xref-to-subsymbol body) invocant rest)))))
; converts one lexical to a variable declaration for a let
(defun lexical-to-let (lexical)
(fare-matcher:match lexical
((and (list var sub dunno-1 id dunno-2) (when (equal sub "sub"))) (list (var-name var) `(symbol-function ',(main-xref id))))
((and (list var simple flags) (when (equal simple "simple")))
(if (equal flags 4)
(list (var-name var) (make-scalar ""))))
((and (list* var stash path) (when (equal stash "stash")))
(list (var-name var) `(get-stash ,path)))
((and (list* var common path) (when (equal common "common")))
(list (var-name var) (niecza-stash:to-stash-name path)))))
; converts a list of lexicals
(defun lexicals-to-let (lexicals) (remove-if #'null (mapcar #'lexical-to-let lexicals)))
(nam-op ann (filename line op) op)
(nam-op prog (&body ops) `(progn ,@ops))
(defun nam-sink (argument) nil)
(defun nam-str (string) string)
(defun nam-double (number) number)
(nam-op assign (to what) `(STORE ,to ,what))
(defun nam-const (thing) thing)
(defun nam-box (type thing) thing)
(defun nam-fetch (thing) (FETCH thing))
(nam-op letvar (&rest args) `(nam-scopedlex ,@args))
(nam-op scopedlex (var &rest rvalue)
(if (consp rvalue)
`(setf ,(var-name var) ,@rvalue)
(var-name var)))
((seperate (mixed)
(if (stringp (first mixed))
(let ((result (seperate (rest (rest mixed)))))
(cons (list (var-name (first mixed)) (second mixed)) (first result))
(second result))
(list nil mixed))))
(nam-op letn (&body vars-and-body)
(let ((seperated (seperate vars-and-body)))
`(let* ,(first seperated) ,@(second seperated)))))
; ???
(defun nam-subcall (dunno-what-that-is thing &rest args) (apply thing args))
; TODO: check if this needs to be optimised
((known (arg) `(quote ,(intern arg)))
(to-method (arg) (if (stringp arg)
(known arg)
(if (eq (first arg) 'nam-str)
(known (second arg))
`(intern ,arg)
(nam-op methodcall (method-name dunno invocant &rest args)
`(apply ,(to-method method-name) (list (FETCH ,(first args)) ,@(rest args)))))
(defun nam-obj_getbool (obj) (if (numberp obj) (not (equal obj 0)) obj))
(defun nam-bif_str (obj) (FETCH obj))
(defun nam-obj_getstr (obj) obj)
(nam-op ternary (cond if then) `(if ,cond ,if ,then))
(defun nam-null (type) nil)
(nam-op corelex (var) `(nam-scopedlex ,var))
(nam-op newboundvar (dunno1 dunno2 thing) thing)
(defun compile-sub-or-packagoid (i def)
(let* ((type (first def))
(args (if (equal type "sub") (append (butlast (rest def)) (list (to-symbol-first (last def)))) (rest def))))
,(intern (string-upcase (concatenate 'string "define-nam-" type)))
(defun compile-unit (nam)
(fare-matcher:match nam
mainline_ref ; Xref to mainline subroutine
name ; Unit's unique name
log ; Mostly unused vestige of last stash system
setting ; Name of setting unit or null
bottom_ref ; Xref to sub containing {YOU_ARE_HERE}, or null
filename ; Filename of source code or null
modtime ; Seconds since 1970-01-01
xref ; Resolves refs from other units
tdeps ; Holds dependency data for recompilation
stash_root ; Trie holding classes and global variables
(list (niecza-stash:wrap-in-let stash_root
(loop for thing in xref for i upfrom 0 when thing collect (compile-sub-or-packagoid i thing)))))))
(defun print-thing (thing) (format t "~A" (FETCH thing)))
(defun p6-say (&rest things) (mapcar #'print-thing things) (format t "~%"))
(defun p6-concat (&rest things) (apply 'concatenate 'string (mapcar #'FETCH things)))
(defun nam-bif_plus (a b) (+ (FETCH a) (FETCH b)))
(defun nam-bif_minus (a b) (- (FETCH a) (FETCH b)))
(defun nam-bif_mul (a b) (* (FETCH a) (FETCH b)))
(defun nam-bif_numgt (a b) (> (FETCH a) (FETCH b)))
(defun nam-bif_numlt (a b) (< (FETCH a) (FETCH b)))
(defun nam-bif_numeq (a b) (= (FETCH a) (FETCH b)))
(nam-op whileloop (until once cond body) `(loop while ,cond do ,body))
(defun nam-label (label))
(defun wrap-for-eval (compiled-unit)
`(let ((|&infix:<~>| #'p6-concat)
(|&say| #'p6-say)
(|Nil| "") ; HACK
(|Any| "") ; HACK
,@compiled-unit (,(main-xref 0))))
(let ((compiled-unit (compile-unit (json:decode-json (open (first common-lisp-user::*args*))))))
;(format t "~w~%~%~%" (json:decode-json (open (first *args*))))
;(format t "~w~%~%~%" compiled-unit)
(format t "--------~%~%~w~%~%~%" (strip-ann compiled-unit))
(let ((wrapped (wrap-for-eval compiled-unit)))
(eval wrapped)
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