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95a1946 Jun 24, 2012
@sorear @mberends
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our ($CgOp);
class CgOp;
method _cgop(*@bits) {
for @bits { $_ // die "Illegal undef in cgop @bits[0]" }
[ @bits ];
method _register_ops(*@ops) {
for @ops -> $name {
my $fnc = anon sub CgOperator (\|@parcel) {
Q:CgOp {
(letn arr {[@parcel]}
items (getslot List $!items vvarlist (@ (l arr)))
(sink (vvarlist_shift (l items)))
(vvarlist_unshift (l items) {$name})
(l arr))
Q:CgOp { (rnull (_cgop _addmethod (obj_llhow (@ {CgOp})) 0
(obj_getstr {$name}) (@ {$fnc}))) }
Q:CgOp { (rnull (_cgop _invalidate (obj_llhow (@ {CgOp})))) };
CgOp._register_ops: <
ann arith assign bget
bool box boxlist bset callframe callnext call_uncloned_sub
cast cgoto char class_ref compare const context_get control
corelex cotake cursor_ast cursor_backing cursor_butpos cursor_dows
cursor_fresh cursor_from cursor_item cursor_O cursor_pos
cursor_reduced cursor_start cursor_synthcap cursor_synthetic
cursor_unmatch cursor_unpackcaps default_new die do_require ehspan
exactnum exit fcclist_new fetch fladlist_new foreign_class
frame_caller frame_file frame_hint frame_line from_json from_jsync
fvarlist_item fvarlist_length fvarlist_new getargv getfield
get_first getindex getslot goto how instrole int iter_copy_elems
iter_flatten iter_hasarg iter_hasflat iter_to_list label labelid
letn letscope letvar llhow_name ltm_push_alts mrl_count mrl_index
ncgoto newblankrwscalar newboundvar newrwlistvar newrwscalar
newtypedscalar newvarrayvar newvhashvar newvnewarrayvar
newvnewhashvar newvsubvar note null num_to_string obj_asbool
obj_asdef obj_asnum obj_asstr obj_at_key obj_at_pos obj_delete_key
obj_does obj_exists_key obj_getbool obj_getdef obj_getnum
obj_getstr obj_isa obj_is_defined obj_llhow obj_newblank
obj_typename obj_vasbool obj_vasdef obj_vasnum obj_vasstr
obj_vat_key obj_vat_pos obj_vdelete_key obj_vexists_key obj_what
outerlex path_any_exists path_change_ext path_combine
path_dir_exists path_file_exists path_modified path_realpath
popcut print prog promote_to_list pushcut rawcall rawnew rawnewarr
rawnewzarr rawscall rawsget rawsset return role_apply
rxbacktrack rxbprim rxcall rxclosequant rxcommitgroup rxend
rxfinalend rxframe rxgetpos rxgetquant rxincorpcut rxincorpshift
rxincquant rxinit rxopenquant rxpushb rxpushcapture rxsetcapsfrom
rxsetclass rxsetpos rxsetquant rxstripcaps say scopedlex setbox
setfield setindex setslot set_status sig_slurp_capture sink slurp
span specificlex spurt stab_privatemethod stab_what startgather
start_iter statement status_get str strbuf_append strbuf_new strbuf_seal
str_chr strcmp str_flip str_length str_substring str_tolower
str_tonum str_toupper take ternary to_json to_jsync treader_getc
treader_getline treader_open treader_slurp treader_stdin unbox
var_get_var varhash_clear varhash_contains_key varhash_delete_key
varhash_dup varhash_getindex varhash_new varhash_setindex
var_islist var_new_tied vvarlist_append vvarlist_clone
vvarlist_count vvarlist_from_fvarlist vvarlist_item
vvarlist_new_empty vvarlist_new_singleton vvarlist_pop
vvarlist_push vvarlist_shift vvarlist_sort vvarlist_to_fvarlist
vvarlist_unshift vvarlist_unshiftn whileloop widen xspan times
divop obj_can sqrt push pop unshift shift ind_method_call
newarray newhash you_are_here frame_outer frame_sub makejunction
who sc_root sc_indir temporize _addmethod _invalidate rxlprim >;
method double($x) {
# Hack - prevent JSON syntax errors
my $str = ~$x;
self._cgop('double', ($str eq 'Infinity' || $str eq 'NaN' ||
$str eq '-Infinity') ?? $str !! $x);
method newblanklist() { CgOp.newarray }
method newblankhash() { CgOp.newhash }
method string_var($x) {'Str', CgOp.str($x)) }
method noop() { CgOp.prog() }
method rnull($p) { CgOp.prog($p, CgOp.corelex('Nil')) }
my $nextlet = 0;
method let($head,$body) {
my $v = "!L" ~ $nextlet++;
CgOp.letn($v, $head, $body(CgOp.letvar($v)));
method cc_expr($cc) { CgOp._cgop('newcc', @( $cc.terms )) }
method _process_arglist(*@araw) {
my @aout;
my $sig = '';
while @araw {
my $o = @araw.shift;
if $o ~~ List {
push @aout, $o;
$sig = $sig ~ "\0";
} else {
$sig = $sig ~ chr(chars $o) ~ $o;
push @aout, @araw.shift;
$sig, $( @aout );
method subcall($sub, *@args) {
my ($sig, $aout) = CgOp._process_arglist(@args);
CgOp._cgop('subcall', $sig, $sub, @$aout);
method methodcall($obj, $name, *@args) {
my ($sig, $aout) = CgOp._process_arglist(@args);
CgOp._cgop('methodcall', $name, $sig, $obj, @$aout);
INIT { $CgOp = CgOp }
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