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Space Cookies Programming 2017 Guidelines

This document contains framework, style, and check-in guidelines.


See the current documentation here.

Style Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure consistency across our code.


  • Initialize all private instance variables in constructors in roughly the same order they were declared in the header file.

Header Files

  • All header files should have #define guards
	#ifndef FILE_NAME_H
	#define FILE_NAME_H
  • #include the header files in this order (if applicable): WPILib.h, external libraries specific to robotics (like navx/AHRS.h), other header files in the order they appear in your source tree, and libraries specific to C++ (like <iostream>)
  • Only #include the header files you need


  • Declare pointers like type *ptrName;. If you're declaring more than one pointer, do type *ptrName1, *ptrName2;.


  • Put the starting curly brace on the same line (like Method() {)
  • Try to group similar methods and variables together. Separate the groups with empty lines.
  • In header files, generally methods go before variables
  • Methods should be written in this order: Get, Set, Reset

Switch statements


switch (condition) {
case ABC:
case DEF:

Naming Conventions

  • Instance variables: lowerCamelCase

  • Member instance variable: 'lowerCaseCamel_'. Don't forget the underscore!

  • Macros, consts (like ports): CAPITAL_LETTERS

  • Methods and classes: UpperCamelCase

  • Enum-list: kInit, kIdle, etc.

  • Abbreviate only when necessary

  • Class names should be nouns.

  • Accessor methods typically start with Get, mutator methods typically start with Set.

Unit and Coordinate Conventions

All distances are in feet, all angles are in degrees. +x is forward, +y is left. This means that positive degrees are counterclockwise.


  • Use double (not float) for decimal values
  • Always use curly braces for if statements, for loops, etc.

Check-in Guidelines

Follow these guidelines for clarity and quality control.


  • Are you only checking in the files you changed? Make sure to check the diffs between your code and the code in the repo.
  • Does the code compile?
  • Have you added descriptive and concise comments to your code?
  • Does the code comply with our style guidelines?
  • Has a leader and/or mentor checked your code?
  • Have you written a descriptive commit message with the following details?:
    • The changes you made
    • Whether you tested the code and how it ran on the robot
    • Next steps / what needs to be done on the code
    • Sign your name, the names of people working with you, and the person/people who checked your code.

Changing the INI File

  • ssh into roboRIO.
  • cd /home/lvuser
  • ls ---> lists files
  • vi robot.ini ---> you can modify this file by typing "i" (for insert). When you're done, hit escape and then ":wq" (saves and quits)