Earth Lens: explore NASA's images of Earth
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Earth Lens

Earth Lens is a project to take the images published by NASA of Earth from space - all taken by astronauts on orbital missions - and allow them to be easily viewed and curated for quality and type of content.

The site is a Django application that ingests the original HTML pages the images are published on, and that expects the images in a predefined location (by default, static/missions/SL2/large/SL2-1-232.jpg, where SL2 is the mission code, and large is the image size).

There are three sizes of image: original, the original in JPEG format; large, a scaled image with a width of 1800px or less; and square, a cropped square image of 750x750px.


The codebase is released under the CC-0 license.

Note that the data obtained using the geocoding API is under a different license, CC BY 3.0.

Running the code

The site is a standard Django application, so you're recommended to read up on how they work if you're not familiar, but as a quick guide:

virtualenv ./env/
env/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
env/bin/python runserver