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SparkFun Si7021 Arduino Library

SparkFun Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout - SI7021
SparkFun Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout - Si7021 (SEN-13763)

Arduino library gives user basic communication from sensor to microcontroller via I2C protocol.

Repository Contents

  • /examples - Example sketches for the library (.ino). Run these from the Arduino IDE.
  • /src - Source files for the library (.cpp, .h).
  • keywords.txt - Keywords from this library that will be highlighted in the Arduino IDE.
  • - General library properties for the Arduino package manager.


Products that use this Library

  • SEN-13763- Si7021 Temperature and Humidity Breakout

License Information

This product is open source!

Please review the file for license information.

If you have any questions or concerns on licensing, please contact

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

  • Your friends at SparkFun.