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We have to run a pkg (don't ask) to run an update. The problem is, the status window in finish_install sits on top of the Installer window and can't be moved to the back. We still want our app to relaunch after the installer completes. I could just comment out the line that shows the window, but the code suggests that there might be a boolean to not show the interaction.

Is there a switch somewhere that I could use to hide that status window?


pornel commented Jun 30, 2014

I think the status window should always be hidden when running pkg installer.

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Along with this, it may be wise to make the finish_installation app not re-open the app when finished. Leave that to the post flight script on the installer. Or at least allow the option.

pornel commented Jul 16, 2014

@MattTimmons that's surprising to me. Why would you prefer to relaunch the app from the pkg?

Hello sir, In some cases, I am creating a new app bundle name or location. For instance, I switched one of my apps to pkg update based just to force the app to live in the /Applicaiton spot and in the proper permissions. Lets say the originall app was on the users desktop for fun. They run the updater, the pkg script puts the final app in the /Apps folder... but then sparkle opens the original ~/Desktop app. I have a pre flight script now that removes the app from ~/Downloads , ~/Applications, but other locations could be dangerous to implements a removal.

Thus why I suggest this as an option. Thoughts?

pornel commented Jul 16, 2014

Thanks for the clarification. I see how it'd be useful, but on the other hand every feature has a cost of maintenance, documentation, etc.

Have you considered separating concern of updates with moving of the app? https://github.com/potionfactory/LetsMove/

Hi, I understand completely and would vote for what is best for most users. I have used LetsMove but have had problems with permissions at times.. See Issue #377 .

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