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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this Aug 12, 2019

Build 190 from 2019-08-12 16:56:29

Spectrecoin-Build190-db9e2c28-Debian.tgz: ad7ca43f2f12e406712b54c00a3c38eb30dd116e26008beae2b57911154974aa

Spectrecoin-Build190-db9e2c28-Fedora.tgz: 1f68d7688ee6dcf9897d003f64af2aaa3366166cd1f798d3ec2e7998be8f727e

Spectrecoin-Build190-db9e2c28-Mac.dmg: fed6fe70dcada3e643a53a7b38cdf4c81a9bb3de4674d29a84a1156c2959dccf

Spectrecoin-Build190-db9e2c28-Mac-OBFS4.dmg: 9c94ea75a488496dcb49a90514cdd514ae185658929f95096e0d93e664934043

Spectrecoin-Build190-db9e2c28-RaspberryPi.tgz: 25938e1438db6e1aa53141992dc029a4c4b3251172e8d1939b946e744db92348

Spectrecoin-Build190-db9e2c28-Ubuntu.tgz: 6fd3ec777fbe7fe2d34d23eabde3c1beb9cb60bb0ca7b321a7d6fa21ca105884 102bdf30c0c8a80ea4d86bd06dcd7c986f9b052c711e662e5b20ecde933fd494 074c324b49decf45b17a418c80b546e42b1167eb2442cf245ddd0f31966e8269 1939811bd567786dec5f81a587d570a0ebcbb7c8f833fd24d095d5ac8f7c3e1e af136cb58c14eed94a710ad583bf3070fafb5620da3391da53f73903025bf87f

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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this Aug 11, 2019 · 2 commits to develop since this release


By downloading and using this software, you agree that 1/6 of the staking rewards are contributed to a development fund. The development fund aims to support the long term development and value of Spectrecoin. The fund is managed by the Spectrecoin core team.

This is a major release and a MANDATORY update to the Spectrecoin software! This update involves consensus changes (details below) and you MUST update your wallet software before:

17/05/2019 (17th May 2019) @ 2000 hours (GMT)

If you do not update your wallet software you will no longer be able to connect to the Spectrecoin network and you will no longer be able to conduct transactions on the network and you will no longer be able to deposit or withdraw your funds (XSPEC) from the exchanges.

Development Contribution Blocks (DCB)

After 21/08/2018 @ 2200 hours (GMT) one in six (1 in 6) block rewards will be designated DCBs and will be sent to the Spectrecoin team development fund wallet. This fund will ensure a future for Spectrecoin and will enable us to pay for certain services and to hire contractors and to pay Spectrecoin core team members in XSPEC to enable them to work full time on the project. We have some long term projects and concepts to implement such as a new proof-of-stake algorithm we call Proof-of-Stealth to enable so called "stealth staking". These developments depend on a source of steady funding. We believe this will give us the opportunity to produce better software and will create value for investors. We currently have some very skilled developers working for us and we want to keep it that way.

Replay Protection

We have implemented a check for DCBs and we have implemented a replay protection mechanism. This means that after 17/05/2019 @ 2000 hours (GMT) any wallets not updated will not be able to create transactions on the Spectrecoin V3 network.


3.0.14 (released 2019-08-11)

  • Improved orphan handling

3.0.12 (released 2019-08-04)

  • Fix unintentional chain fork possibility in fake stake block spam prevention implementation
  • Added block checkpoints every 100000 block and at height 1232433 and 1237500
  • Remove due ckeckpoint invalid orphans from memory
  • Disconnect from misbehaving nodes with local address (inbound tor connection)
  • Improve expected time to staking reward logic. During network staking weight changes, expected time was calculated wrong.
    RPC: add new field 'netstakeweightrecent' for getstakinginfo and getmininginfo which shows network weight of last 72 blocks
  • Increase address lookahead from 10 to 100

3.0.11 (released 2019-06-30)

  • UI: #185 Fix shown staking transaction reward after wallet unlock

3.0.10 (released 2019-06-10)

  • #184 Fix fake stake block spam attack vector
  • #173 Tor process is not cleanly shutting down

3.0.9 (released 2019-05-05)

  • UI: #178 Tooltip for SPECTRE->XSPEC balance transfer
  • UI: Add grouping feature of transactions in TRANSACTION view
  • UI: Show immature instead mature coins in CHAIN DATA view
  • UI & RPC: Fix column least depth in CHAIN DATA view and RPC method anoninfo. (show depth consistently)

3.0 (released 2019-04-28)

V3 blockchain fork consensus changes / Fork time is GMT: Friday, 17. May 2019 20:00:00 (1558123200 unix epoch time)

  • Target block time increased from 64 to 96 seconds
  • XSPEC staking reward lowered to fixed 2 XSPEC per block
  • Minimum ring size increased from 1 to fix 10
  • Minimum maturity for staking and for spending stakes is increased from 288 to 450 blocks (approximately 96 seconds * 450 = 12 hours)
  • 8 hours maturity rules for staking is removed (Fixes #79)
  • Base fee for spending SPECTRE is lowered from 0.01 to 0.0001
  • Support for SPECTRE staking (aka Stealth Staking, aka PoAS)
    • Staking reward per block fixed 3 SPECTRE
    • Same maturity rules as for XSPEC (450 blocks) but for all ring signature members
    • Maximal ATXO stake output value of 1'000 (same as max anon output)
    • Consolidation of up to 50 ATXOs in staking transaction
    • If number of unspent anons per denomination is below defined minimum, split staked ATXO to create up to 1 new ATXO of that denomination

Immediate changes:

  • Change max anon output from 10'000 to 1'000
  • Increase default block size created from 250K to 999K
  • ATXOs compromised by an All Spent situation are no longer considered as mixins for new transactions
  • New mixin picking algorithm:
    • ATXOs are only read once per transaction
    • handles ATXO_TX_SET problem by adding mixins of same transaction
    • 33% of mixins are picked from last 2700 blocks if possible
    • an ATXO is only used once as mixin per transaction
    • pick all mixins for a vin/ringsignature from different transactions
  • Increase levelDB version to 70512 to force reindex:
    • new attribute fCoinStake in CAnonOutput
    • new attribute nBlockHeight in CKeyImageSpent
    • new compromisedanonheights map for detected All Spent
  • Anon cache is now updated each block with the new mature ATXOs and with the available mixins for spending and staking
  • Fix wallet.dat corruption problem on Windows (On Windows shutdown wallet is safely closed)
  • UI: #149 Fixed notifications
  • UI: Contributions and donations are shown without separate stake entry; show in overview if stakes are contributed or staked
  • UI: Show generated but not accepted stakes as 'Orphan' in overview
  • UI: Change TransactionRecord sort order to consider nTime first (Fixes UI trx update when more than 200 unrecorded trx exist)
  • UI: Show different balance types for SPECTRE and XSPEC separately
  • UI: Change CHAIN DATA view columns to Unspent (Mature), Mixins (Mature), System (Compromised)
  • UI: Rebased all UI changes since initial commit back to separate UI repository spectrecoin-ui
  • UI & RPC: Optimize getStakeWeight (remove obsolete code; make sure stake weight matches actual staked coins)
  • RPC: #2 Integrate API method gettxout
  • RPC: method anoninfo shows new stats per denomination:
    • No.Mixins: the number of uncompromised ATXOs available as mixins for spending
    • No.MixinsStaking: the number of uncompromised ATXOs available as mixins for staking
    • Compromised Height: the last block height an All Spent situation occured
    • Compromised: does count mixins compromised by ring signature one AND all spent

2.x release notes

See ReleaseNotes for Pre-3.x


Verify MacOS

openssl sha -sha256 <archive-name>

Verify Windows

certUtil -hashfile "<archive-name>" SHA256

Verify Linux

sha256sum <archive-name>

List of sha256 checksums

Spectrecoin-3.0.14-73b56ca0-Debian.tgz: 6ce0065007537cf954d5e3d7b63114bda29a6fa8a441904d09f2a363176c0862

Spectrecoin-3.0.14-73b56ca0-Fedora.tgz: 856855e20fa3b32e91020890acbd7f2e65ff343d42cf2be214a91aa789d8406d

Spectrecoin-3.0.14-73b56ca0-Mac.dmg: c55ad61aaaaba57d7875ee735c4990dfdc7716f31ed3052af4f3b86d12e85234

Spectrecoin-3.0.14-73b56ca0-Mac-OBFS4.dmg: b0c8fdfd469bc44bd1c4d6df3e1419ba8301df1e11dc9c08a3c73c696ab78b1b

Spectrecoin-3.0.14-73b56ca0-RaspberryPi.tgz: eab66ac7b034d6f06827a1ff3a336de17cc63a4db39992b75c688b7f9c977224

Spectrecoin-3.0.14-73b56ca0-Ubuntu.tgz: 684fdba03341dd801c458fa9205d097452fe44345d5746869d9727c9c7f30c9e 1871a5077b1e977df7bf81c3cd0662ca235acc860f6068a08cbb8133d89ef810 499e6eb1e5c2f1c153c8085478de985bc8b3d1dcd9353a560d9e05429a3ae6e8 71503c84df01a3ebd4ab0ef4f1fd4c3f2ce7d2ad77599bc61f883ca26d661b16 74041e2bb9e57404a2a1d21fccaee68069ae7c9a66bde0c81d9fc3891801c0db

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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this Aug 11, 2019 · 2 commits to develop since this release

Build 189 from 2019-08-11 15:24:14

Spectrecoin-Build189-1be7ac18-Debian.tgz: 2ec7362ae5af4403c122e38058a8c871b000107d22816d7c70f1042d203217f4

Spectrecoin-Build189-1be7ac18-Fedora.tgz: 9a6809b8854182976b75fd63e8ecdb091cf5892ec1770529039e2e5917a0fada

Spectrecoin-Build189-1be7ac18-Mac.dmg: 7e56ffaa100299b94f394599f9d4fb5e8ed73346f396148e0c50a59d507caa4c

Spectrecoin-Build189-1be7ac18-Mac-OBFS4.dmg: 169b9f514fb6e1cc6579f967299e2be63cf2e231072bb0b8e2670cf4f930a57f

Spectrecoin-Build189-1be7ac18-RaspberryPi.tgz: 3e55f811e5ef815c8ca866bdbd96b49058c6eb114374cde139979c3c97fe3213

Spectrecoin-Build189-1be7ac18-Ubuntu.tgz: 8fd5ee803f086bd043cd4d1a95291255106000c4a30b5ecf38e96d14d8adbf58 8d379db9c722b3c195fde42055983945381f39ced8cd8b84260d08c6471e9c8c 3a52a147cf7995dd09e98b3062904efe5f31f8af4ca8ef6e5193d4e5a94588e7 766b886eb8298623e90ebe08f168b51dfc635cbce6b1805ec7cdf4f34b1bb368 000f161dd3c9ef96a01b8ad391dec201805bf2040756aa1cc46ee351cf7fe81d

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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this Jun 30, 2019 · 39 commits to develop since this release

List of sha256 checksums

Spectrecoin-3.0.11-ec5f97a7-Debian.tgz: 685bb3562bccfb094c725bb2929dc6d1064f6051a72ead82b2d26b33093f232b

Spectrecoin-3.0.11-ec5f97a7-Fedora.tgz: 2bba0570ab70340eb22ca7d7c72ccdfd2781fe42e99cf01e7cea18ca23ffb458

Spectrecoin-3.0.11-ec5f97a7-Mac.dmg: f5f70151ff9a3c0dac44a63cb5c270c4a4e4939a3b6025fd14ced02b0a546a90

Spectrecoin-3.0.11-ec5f97a7-Mac-OBFS4.dmg: bf21dfa5dea91aadd45b9fa0ab331ff200fdeb8198601347828a0b2bb8bae7e4

Spectrecoin-3.0.11-ec5f97a7-RaspberryPi.tgz: d42190a2ad7894b1c31e9016a61a2cb220a81ecb183082d404d65536a9a8f6c8

Spectrecoin-3.0.11-ec5f97a7-Ubuntu.tgz: d02b2cd558a15a8d99e6b19b53cdb4f90653ef94af7c267b9a347912170b7878 9117434632065fcd6d272b1e15029dac218751c55718b2312248be6581c146d0 abf234683af376bfd67ab7152c6063612039ea47541793541ab49fe015fa3158 3b98c0cf4a271761a944df19ad793393fc651f4ab91a73ea90c5d061146eb9c2 a2c3d4296893ecb916a8509c46ddfd6245e6377224892c8de7655cb9ecdaac96

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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this Jun 10, 2019 · 48 commits to develop since this release

List of sha256 checksums

Spectrecoin-3.0.10-5c654a38-Debian.tgz: 9a66a3d7f7ea1f20b74d49ebd6fcd0fc64f750a64bcb5dbb2afd24794b6cb175

Spectrecoin-3.0.10-5c654a38-Fedora.tgz: 909328e84ab278867bea91903caec42113bac64529db18078831cdda4cfbda0f

Spectrecoin-3.0.10-5c654a38-Mac.dmg: a200470e92b84251494ba6ac431f9c845597f4887e420e164e0f87284c4ad55d

Spectrecoin-3.0.10-5c654a38-Mac-OBFS4.dmg: 158bc0f4dc7329a163dcd57a151abfa3d43dc039205120b9175b936e70d8bdbf

Spectrecoin-3.0.10-5c654a38-RaspberryPi.tgz: 19aabcdf34562f8ba207d1e33b84e11ec3a9de9dc4a7be34b726a0b7c3965af5

Spectrecoin-3.0.10-5c654a38-Ubuntu.tgz: 6e980c5fb14c8beb0034b2fd62b0339606170df21922b8d286b718aa318ddefc 2af41dde505adece49a1340f1e332840dd7975a6a4f0ca90cdeb967d4a0fd722 a4dd88e8d0cdf89eb578a5420d4abeeece12bc4f43c0ae07894d5b8c7e7fa207 d01920b15fdede0379e031613491d494fcc3a96319928c4c7c7bdac44e5471be e8d5d6caff05e38d16b5883f14d99c3260c330da56376f85e96ee063ebeb031f

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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this May 5, 2019 · 67 commits to develop since this release

List of sha256 checksums

Spectrecoin-3.0.9-4774066e-Debian.tgz: 582a337efd39e2f4df3e41a6f967cb31f8cc44f232513b313a2a8216d3ab30f3

Spectrecoin-3.0.9-4774066e-Fedora.tgz: 600487dac99d714f1a14154eb2825d97b48afc127a4dac449e2b18a327450826

Spectrecoin-3.0.9-4774066e-Mac.dmg: 0cf20aaa843a87c56f406dc0996971e6e6c24321cd3df9453ac3b8c057a8c934

Spectrecoin-3.0.9-4774066e-Mac-OBFS4.dmg: 987b16d42418dfdaf6aa4309b6267ae33528cbb7f313291ac2fbfcb5b97da5d4

Spectrecoin-3.0.9-4774066e-RaspberryPi.tgz: 7c69e68683f20e5729ea8e695b1f0fe4f4afe678a8d71e32770b36735fd6d8a2

Spectrecoin-3.0.9-4774066e-Ubuntu.tgz: 697d43dbc191b34654a938547368611e2a2e12e86b326a8ea5730f876fdff0d4 54bbc866ae41705e26ff0eb38e5785c190e6dec8816474d9850a0eb97c25374c e5818e63c22869c5fc5de1f0b05fa661cf6a63f86eefbc7781bf9f0a5844f7e9 0b436e35301938ef4a7f0faa4550d49c17776055dceea1bf0b8dde8cc4491dda 4bb40afb60411f7ecdd00836c07965371a53ab5ec3312e326d490caa8814d682

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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this Apr 28, 2019 · 87 commits to develop since this release

List of sha256 checksums

Spectrecoin-3.0.8-69e1d6cd-Debian.tgz: c5f81189d31a131da672b6a6ba9eddf40c8a115f08d0cdc3205d476c359f2338

Spectrecoin-3.0.8-69e1d6cd-Fedora.tgz: 8f8b300f8613174dbdfd81eebd01091e568623085d9dcc63a4cdbc81be9cff3c

Spectrecoin-3.0.8-69e1d6cd-Mac.dmg: 853d55c7bd5918e7b2b86490aaf5139e653fed7452a17acb77c48529a69c229b

Spectrecoin-3.0.8-69e1d6cd-Mac-OBFS4.dmg: b85c03c842988730130c196af0ea7b9d47072fa85fb69b8f8b354d0cb1b2f902

Spectrecoin-3.0.8-69e1d6cd-RaspberryPi.tgz: 1048475d25a39e25447a9540b0c2d120015995a7f03b1392a3f699cf7edefd2f

Spectrecoin-3.0.8-69e1d6cd-Ubuntu.tgz: b9a8f6abb749e1c9f2dbcbb3438ce3e9c596453c159e6df1d2d6f3e981e7b27d 87866f827f65af866593c466a66007714a6e8948bbd74e798aae63ad73f94a56 04fce2dcf90d6b5286948e2306889c9e3dce784bca5cc04e8839fb0237f367b3 6c0727f702c40eb1ef8ad0f609faaff0bfbb287afa4b4b14f7ed876f6d3314b1 70f31fc55647a669cd79a65288c632ef50e553c23902bc5164e0fdba590ffd3a

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@xspec-tech xspec-tech released this Jan 26, 2019 · 397 commits to develop since this release

List of sha256 checksums

Spectrecoin-2.2.2-86e9b92-Debian.tgz: b99b9b8a336384631e440ce8e3574ff494129b808c2456a121c53b6593ee4076

Spectrecoin-2.2.2-86e9b92-Fedora.tgz: cb243919069296132dab825742dbe0f2965bce51c29f9472ac7309c0ef5a730a 65f21796f6283c4768139c1531f4876c68060c7e180b623f1e6cf5aae103bde5 a38a179045820a404528fcfe52cab344a22f4a68dfe273489335a47d034ef640 f30fcb38938963ec23702dbc565b54ecf7b427fcc3df17fd673c0aa50135af53

Spectrecoin-2.2.2-86e9b92-RaspberryPi.tgz: 3202ebceeb73d9ea0f6dfb957e8bc0712d694054df9664d9847e98c0da851dcb

Spectrecoin-2.2.2-86e9b92-Ubuntu.tgz: 1db928829ebc5bf3e71ba415b949c8dde633d9fff3fc23fdd41e4710f80c6ec8 56ee7931aa974c5472ec574daa41b273b59b0fac44f11bb9b3dae3043619fcef 2e127f2c1f5d57c9838801fc83a960513502ebec583a9d9ec4b01576f08a7597 3a128fed6b1412158066905a04a2cbe0d28a84cad9ee1f477d474d0804e25a8f

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