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Spectrum 3847

Spectrum 3847

Spectrum 3847 is the FIRST Robotics Competition team from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and St. Agnes Academy in Houston, TX has many useful training resources and refrences.

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  1. SpectrumLib SpectrumLib Public

    Library for reusable Spectrum FRC#3847 code

    Java 6 1

  2. SpectrumRobotTemplate SpectrumRobotTemplate Public

    Robot Template to use the Spectrum Structure

    Java 5

  3. Romi-3847-2023 Romi-3847-2023 Public

    Java 1

  4. Flash-2023 Flash-2023 Public

    Program for our prototype swerve chassis with 2023 WPIlib

    Java 2

  5. 2023-X-Ray 2023-X-Ray Public

    Spectrum's 2023 Competition Software

    Java 12 2

  6. 2023-FM 2023-FM Public

    Spectrum's 2023 Off-Season Software

    Java 2 1


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