Configmgr improvements #186

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Chris--S commented Feb 19, 2013

all so far is pretty safe/minimal.

more is possible/likely


splitbrain commented Feb 24, 2013

I'd be fine with merging this right away, but since it's not really bug fixing it should probably wait til after the release?


Chris--S commented Feb 24, 2013

The second last commit is a bug, but one that would be very easy to replicate. The rest don't make a huge difference either way. As I say above, I'm (sort of) considering planning doing more, I put this up to hopefully get some discussion on ideas at a developer irc chat.

Chris--S and others added some commits Feb 18, 2013

fixed auth_browseruid on IE9
IE9 send different HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header on ajax request. This causes different results from auth_browseruid. This patch removes the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE from the browser id calculation.
Update inc/template.php
changed nonexistant actionOk to actionOK
Fix handling of failed authentication loading
In the case of a failed authentication initialization, the
authentication setup was simply continued with an unset $auth object.
This restores the previous behavior (before merging #141) of simply
returning after unsetting $auth. Furthermore this re-introduces the
check if $auth is set before checking $auth and removes a useless
check if $auth is true (could never be false).
Revert the search depth behavior changes from #154
This reverts parts of the changes from #154: Before merging the pull
request, a depth of 1 returned just the pages in the root namespace.
With the changes in the pull request, a depth of 1 also returned pages
in subnamespaces of the root namespace (as it was also tested in the test case).
This reverts this part of the changes and a depth of 1 returns just the
pages in the root namespace again.
Fix remaining missing $INPUT uses FS#2577
This adds $INPUT in all places where it was still missing and available.
$INPUT is now also used in places where using $_REQUEST/... was okay in
order to make the code consistent.

Chris--S commented Feb 24, 2013


I did git cherry-pick to apply the xmlrpc caution fix to master, then rebased my local copy of this branch. Why does it end up like this (it wouldn't let me push without a merge) - listing all the patches from master and not simply removing the commit which now exists in master?


splitbrain commented Feb 24, 2013

From my experience:

  • never ever do a rebase on anything that has been pushed somewhere, it always ends up weird
  • a cherry picked patch has a different ID than the orginal patch and thus is treated as a different patch by git
  • cherry picked patches are usually detected just fine on a merge, so there's no need to "clean up" the feature branch for later merging

Chris--S commented Feb 24, 2013

In effect, you're saying, once I'd pushed the cherry-pick, I shouldn't have done(/didn't need to do) the rebase and merge?

I'll redo the branch/PR later to get it looking cleaner.


splitbrain commented Jun 2, 2013

conflicts need to be resolved, but should be merged


splitbrain commented Jun 16, 2013

@Chris--S can you update this so it's mergable?

Chris--S added some commits Jul 30, 2013

Merge branch 'master' into configmgr_improvements

Chris--S commented Aug 2, 2013

merge conflict removed. should be good to go...

splitbrain added a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 3, 2013

@splitbrain splitbrain merged commit 4918284 into master Aug 3, 2013

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