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Carlos Pérez Gutiérrez

LZC → HMO → GDL →  京都

Hi, my name is Carlos, but the Internet knows me as Algus Dark. I'm from Mexico and currently working in Japan.

I'm the creator of Bloomer and a passionate believer in Functional Programming and Types systems. My main area is Front End but I love BackEnd as that is how I started in the world of programming.

Your sponsorship will help me to maintain my OSS and my videos for programming concepts. I'm always thinking of new ways to share knowledge with all levels of people in the industry.


With 5 sponsors I would be able to resume my work on Codeando Pues, my Youtube Channel that shares a funny way to learn to program. (Spanish Only)

Featured work

  1. AlgusDark/bloomer

    A set of React components for Bulma CSS Framework

    TypeScript 677

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What a nice person

You will have my eternal gratitude 🙏🏻 With $1 I can buy an onigiri 🍙 and keep coding.

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Probably you laugh on my jokes or you learn something with my tweets/videos and you want to support my work. This sponsorship will help me to keep doing more for helping people to learn how to program and keep active on my OSS.