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Caravana Cloud is a collective, offering mentoring and support for professionals in technology. We build content and tools to not only educate, but support and work together towards interviews, promotions and growth.

Your sponsorship is vital for us to maintain the collective working, in all of its projects. Learn more and join here on as a sponsor on github.


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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. CaravanaCloud/aws-pod

    GitPod workspace for AWS

    HCL 133
  2. CaravanaCloud/cloud-janitor

    Automating cleanup, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks in Cloud Computing

    Java 82
  3. CaravanaCloud/CodingInterviews

    Preparation and practice for coding interviews

    Java 22
  4. CaravanaCloud/JavaInterviews

    Helpout for java interviews

    Java 32
  5. CaravanaCloud/Anonymouse

    Anonymize a database

    Java 17
  6. CaravanaCloud/moontracer-workshop

    Time series forecasting and analytics, powered by machine learning

    Jupyter Notebook 9

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