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Hi! 👋

Friction Log is a fun developer experience (DX) project Cesar and Rick have started to journal developer and user experiences across products in the tech industry.

What is a "Friction Log"?

A friction log is a type of UX experiment where the subject journals their feelings, thoughts, struggles, joys, and any other type of emotion. The point is to surface anything that gives the user discomfort or joy so the product or feature can improve. That's what this site is all about.

Rather than a typical tech review, this site will try to extract experiences when using tech. The experience might be a first time experience, or trying out a new feature, or document what contributing to an open-source project is like.

There are a few different ways to consume content on Friction Log:

Text content (the "log")

📰 Check out some examples

The log part of this site is the long-form text that chronicles the experience. It will cover info about the subject user, some general thoughts, and individual logs. If the logs have a video to go with it, then the logs will link to the appropriate part of the video.

Video content

📷 Check out some examples

Some logs will have a video recording of the user using the product or feature. This will have the rawest, non-curated content that journals the friction log.

Podcast content

📻 Checkout the first episode

Cesar and I will have an audio/podcast format that will cover the friction logs, which will include more in-depth opinions and feelings about the products/features.

If you'd like us to do a friction log, please reach out!

Sponsoring Friction Log

Sponsoring Friction Log helps us with all the content above and with any expenses (sometimes we have to pay for something to try it out).


The grassroots goal: Cover expenses. Build a community. Take over the world. That's all for now.

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Because you want to see the in-depth logs on the site to get more detail.

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Because you look at the 1-2hr video recordings as user research and want to see how an experience went from the rawest perspective.

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Because you like everything that's going on and you want your name mentioned somewhere (in a podcast, friction log, etc).

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Because you are interested in a product, tech, or some feature and want to influence us to try it out for you.

With this tier, you'll have special access to chat with us about a friction log you'd like us to do, talk about it after we do the friction log(s), etc.

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📦 The Product Owner
Because you want us to try out your company's products, features, and technology and do a friction log on it.

If you're interested in us trying out your product or feature(s) in your product, this tier is for you. You can also choose to get these studies privately delivered just for you.

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🍰 Breaking Bad
You're addicted to all the things, you want more, and you want us to feed that addiction by giving you more and more and more.

This tier gives you early access to the friction logs and sets you up to do your own friction logs, where we interview you on the show.