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Michael Christen

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I work on privacy-aware big data solutions for the freedom to gather and organize information. Using the software YaCy, Loklak and SUSI it is possible to get independent from centralized software and run these services for yourself or your company:

  • make your own search engine with YaCy - get independence from Google / Bing / etc
  • collect and evaluate social media data with Loklak - search tweets anonymously at your own index
  • create your own personal assistant - make a voice assistant which does not contact the cloud with SUSI.AI

Current sponsors 3


Past sponsors 3


Featured work

  1. fossasia/susi_server

    SUSI.AI server backend - the Artificial Intelligence server for personal assistants

    Java 2,501
  2. yacy/yacy_search_server

    Distributed Peer-to-Peer Web Search Engine and Intranet Search Appliance

    Java 3,307
  3. loklak/loklak_server

    Distributed Open Source twitter and social media message search server that anonymously collects, shares, dumps and indexes data

    Java 1,383
  4. yacy/yacy_grid_mcp

    The YaCy Grid Master Connect Program

    Java 653
  5. Orbiter/anomic_ftp_server

    a simple ftp server in java

    Java 747
  6. yacy/yacy_webclient_bootstrap

    YaCy Search Client using bootstrapcss

    HTML 636

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