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Hi there!

Sponsorship goes directly to the hosting and server cost for my site, Personal site since 2006 with articles on sysadmin, devops, linux and embedded programming (C++) topics.

More info on -> Cluster Status for servers and costs overview.

All sponsors get a copy of my app, Leaf Node Monitoring ( It is a cross platform (windows, linux, android) native (C++) monitoring application. Open source, but paid. Please have an email address on your profile so I can contact you to send the app for free.

I have 5 sponsors! Never expected that to happen, so huge thanks to Jeff, Eric, Dennis, Hendrik and the anonymous shotternail!

Current sponsors 3


Past sponsors 4

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Featured work

  1. RaymiiOrg/bash-http-monitoring

    HTTP(s) monitoring webpage via shell script

    Shell 572
  2. RaymiiOrg/c_ookieclicker

    c++ console cookie clicker (linux)

    C++ 11
  3. RaymiiOrg/ssl-decoder

    Simple PHP script which decodes an SSL connection and displays the information.

    PHP 456
  4. RaymiiOrg/certificate-expiry-monitor

    PHP 436
  5. RaymiiOrg/

    Convert URL or RSS feed to text with readability

    Python 48
  6. lenticularis39/axpbox

    AXPbox Alpha emulator

    C++ 140

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Server herder, you keep one server up each month!

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Way too much, if you do this, you the entire site up for half a year!

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One big-ass VPS, or three small ones.

$100 a month


This is a joke, but if you do it, I'll mention you on the frontpage of