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Satisfactory Clips Archive

The Satisfactory Clips Archive is a work of compulsive passion from SignpostMarv, archiving the Satisfactory dev streams in a searchable archive, all open-source.

All work on the archive is done out-of-pocket, so sponsorship funds would be used to support server costs, domain renewals, etc. Funds may also be used in future to assist in the development of additional tools & services based around the data accumulated via the archive.

Costs are generally billed in GBP, but sponsor profile specifies approximate USD amounts at the time of writing.

Open Source Work

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Other Things

I work on a variety of things outside of the Satisfactory Clips Archive, sometimes experiments, sometimes tools to help me along in my own gameplay, sometimes terrible jokes, but frequently PRing / finding issues in open source code 😊


Pay rent.

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Featured work

  1. Satisfactory-Clips-Archive/Media-Search-Archive

    The build tools for generating the Satisfactory Clips Archive website

    PHP 2
  2. Satisfactory-Clips-Archive/Media-Archive-Metadata

    Metadata for use with the Media Search Archive


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