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Sukchan Lee

Seoul, Republic of Korea

I’m primarily working on Open5GS. I founded this project in 2017 and am still the lead developer. Based on the dedication and hard work of the community people, it became known little by little, and now 300-400 people visit the GitHub repository every day.

Almost everything I do is focused on Open5GS. Maintaining the project and coordinating community efforts requires a tremendous amount of work, which is made sustainable thanks to generous financial sponsors.

Are you considering becoming an Open5GS sponsor? You can have your company’s logo placed on our website and GitHub project README. It gives you a lot of exposure to people on the planet who understand mobile communications. In addition, supporting OSS improves your brand reputation.

Sponsorships help me continue working on open source software, 3GPP standard protocols and producing open and freely available documentation of such software and protocols. It ensures the project stays healthy and actively maintained.

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Featured work

  1. open5gs/open5gs

    Open5GS is a C-language Open Source implementation for 5G Core and EPC, i.e. the core network of LTE/NR network (Release-16)

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