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Jeremy Keith

Brighton, UK

I’m the the creator and caretaker of The Session, an online community dedicated to Irish traditional music. It’s a non-profit endeavour—any support is greatly appreciated!

My other long-term project is Huffduffer—a service that allows you to create a podcast of found sounds. Again, it’s not for profit so your sponsorship would be most welcome.

I also wrote the web book Resilient Web Design and released it for free.

I write about web development and more on my website,


Cover the infrastucture costs of running—hosting, email, etc.

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Featured work

  1. adactio/resilientwebdesign

    Resilient Web Design: a web book

    HTML 121
  2. adactio/TheSession-data

    Data dumps from

  3. adactio/html5forwebdesigners

    The website of the book.

    HTML 21

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