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I'm a maintainer of the Python internationalization library Babel (not to be confused with the JavaScript transpiler).

I'm also active in many other open-source projects and organizations, mostly in the Python/JavaScript sphere, but I've been known to dabble in other languages too.

In addition, I seem to end up writing small tools and toy projects that inevitably end up open-source – 230 at the time of writing.


It'd be super awesome to see people appreciating my work by being sponsors!

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Featured work

  1. akx/glitch2

    An online image glitching/animation tool.

    TypeScript 47
  2. akx/walletool

    a tool for reading wallet.dat files

    Python 195
  3. akx/hass-ruuvitag addon for Ruuvitag Weather Stations

    TypeScript 24
  4. akx/Notifications

    Notification sounds.

    Python 59
  5. akx/lepo

    Contract-first REST APIs in Django

    Python 13
  6. akx/

    progressbar microservice (in 1000% more Python)

    Python 10

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