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Aaron Madlon-Kay

Yokohama, Japan

I am involved in tools for translation:

I do stuff at the intersection of mobile, Emacs, and i18n:

I also do fun stuff like stupid Twitter bots:


Above and beyond 🪐🧑‍🚀☄️

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Featured work

  1. amake/orgro

    An Org Mode file viewer for iOS and Android

    Dart 345
  2. amake/isittofu

    Web app for figuring out if text will show up on mobile OSs

    Dart 2
  3. omegat-org/omegat

    Mirror of official OmegaT repo

    Java 348
  4. amake/flutter.el

    Flutter tools for Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 100
  5. amake/innosetup-docker

    Docker image to create Windows installer executables with Inno Setup

    Dockerfile 56
  6. amake/flutter_tex_js

    A lightweight TeX plugin for Flutter via JavaScript

    Dart 10

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