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Alex Martin

Phoenix, AZ

Most of my work is in the home automation space. Specifically homebridge plugins. I also contribute to many other open source projects including things like an open source Siri Server (used by iPhone's that did not have Siri), Emulators (like the Xbox emulator xqemu and iOS emulator Provenance), and much more!

A lot of what I write is in NodeJS, but I've also written PHP and Python stuff too.

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To continue to set aside time for my open source projects (mostly in the home automation space)


Featured work

  1. apexad/homebridge-garagedoor-command

    Homebridge plugin to control a garage door using command line functions

    JavaScript 20
  2. apexad/node-aladdin-connect-garage-door

    Delete the app, your computer can control your Aladdin Connect Garage Door now

    JavaScript 6
  3. apexad/homebridge-mysmartblinds-bridge

    Homebridge MySmartBlinds Bridge plugin

    TypeScript 12
  4. apexad/xqemu

    Open-source emulator to play original Xbox games on Windows, macOS, and Linux


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  • Seriously, I'll code any home automation plugin, javascript, php, whatever you need if you do.
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