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Ashley Davis

Brisbane, Australia

Ashley Davis is the developer of Data-Forge Notebook and other open source projects.

As a developer I love open source coding. It's especially fulfilling to write my code this way and I love helping the community and mentoring coders around the world.

Unfortunately this all takes time and it doesn't help pay the bills.

Your sponsorship means I can continue to evolve my open source projects and devote time to users of my code and contributors to my projects.

Thanks for your support!

6 sponsors have funded ashleydavis’s work.

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Featured work

  1. data-forge/data-forge-ts

    The JavaScript data transformation and analysis toolkit inspired by Pandas and LINQ.

    TypeScript 1,310
  2. ashleydavis/datakit

    Simple JavaScript toolkit for data transform across JSON, CSV and YAML.

    TypeScript 20
  3. miniql/miniql

    A tiny JSON-based query language inspired by GraphQL

    TypeScript 125
  4. ashleydavis/figit

    JavaScript and Handlebars data templates - Producing templated configuration has never been easier!

    TypeScript 4
  5. data-forge-notebook/data-forge-notebook

    Data-Forge Notebook is a cross-platform notebook application for JavaScript

    TypeScript 67
  6. ashleydavis/insta-mongo

    Instantly start a MongoDB dev server and load database fixtures.

    TypeScript 2

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