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Blockscout is an open-source block explorer built to support EVM chains, including L1s, L2s and rollups. Our community of builders is dedicated to providing transparent data access to all. This means not only providing visibility into blocks and addresses, but also the ability to easily understand transactions and interact with blockchain data in a meaningful way. Our goal is to create an explorer experience that is better, faster, easier to navigate and more customizable than current closed source solutions. With your help, this goal is within reach!

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Your sponsorship helps us continue to develop new features and functionality. It helps us assist current and future networks using Blockscout, and dedicate time and space for improvements to the current code base. It helps us build open source and distribute code freely to the community, so that blockchain technology can continue to evolve and thrive.
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Featured work

  1. blockscout/blockscout

    Blockchain explorer for Ethereum based network and a tool for inspecting and analyzing EVM based blockchains.

    Elixir 3,293
  2. blockscout/frontend

    Front-end application for Blockscout

    TypeScript 134

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