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Become a sponsor to chriswhocodes

Chris Newland

London, UK

Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of my open-source work!

Hopefully you're here because you've found JITWatch, VM Options Explorer, JaCoLine, or one of my other OSS projects useful in your role as a Java developer.

By sponsoring my work you'll motivate me to carry on developing these projects and creating new tools to help you understand how your code executes on the JVM .

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$3 a month


A cup of coffee!
Thank you my friend, it's nice to feel appreciated :)

$5 a month


A big cup of coffee!
Thanks for keeping me caffeinated and motivated!

$10 a month


Server upgrades!
Thanks to your generosity everyone will benefit from a better class of VPS for my hosted open-source services like VM Options Explorer, JaCoLine, and nightly builds.

If I get a few sponsors at this level I will start looking at creating JITWatch-as-a-Service!

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