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I have been developing open-source projects in the JavaScript ecosystem since 2010. I became a member of the Ramda team in 2014. I released Sanctuary in 2015, and have since spent significant energy refining the library, creating related projects, and maintaining the Fantasy Land specification.

I am passionate about learning, teaching, and practising functional programming. I frequently answer questions on Gitter and Stack Overflow, and occasionally speak at conferences. In 2018 I introduced Sanctuary to a broad audience at ReactiveConf in Prague.

Programming Safely in an Uncertain World

In addition to the many sanctuary-js projects, I maintain several other useful projects:

  • async-problem – solutions and non-solutions to JavaScript’s async problem
  • Base64.js – polyfill for browsers that don’t provide window.btoa and window.atob
  • doctest – doctests for JavaScript (and CoffeeScript)
  • Transcribe – generate Markdown documentation from code comments
  • Tutor – JavaScript interface for the Gatherer card database
  • xyz – publish npm packages with fewer screw-ups

I have ambitious goals for improving the Sanctuary ecosystem, including:

  • adding type-aware search to;
  • creating a tutorial to show how to set up a project that includes sanctuary-def and custom types;
  • adding lens functions to Sanctuary;
  • documenting and releasing sanctuary-argv, a principled argument parser;
  • releasing a new version of the Fantasy Land specification with fully-qualified type representatives;
  • creating and releasing sanctuary-set and sanctuary-map; and
  • creating and releasing a testing library that does not rely on throwing and catching exceptions.

I will complete these projects, but this could take years of evenings and weekends. My dream is to work on Sanctuary and related projects full-time, which would dramatically reduce the time frame.

My living expenses are low but non-zero. By becoming a fan or a supporter, or by encouraging your company to become a partner, you will enable me to focus on improving the JavaScript ecosystem. You, your company, and the community will then have access to the principled, well-tested features and packages I release. Your generosity will benefit thousands of people. :)


10 sponsors are funding davidchambers’s work.


Featured work

  1. sanctuary-js/sanctuary

    🙈 Refuge from unsafe JavaScript

    JavaScript 2,898
  2. sanctuary-js/sanctuary-def

    Run-time type system for JavaScript

    JavaScript 278
  3. sanctuary-js/sanctuary-type-classes

    🌈 Standard library for Fantasy Land

    JavaScript 217
  4. davidchambers/Base64.js

    Polyfill for browsers that don't provide window.btoa and window.atob

    JavaScript 457
  5. davidchambers/doctest

    Doctests for JavaScript (and CoffeeScript)

    JavaScript 154
  6. davidchambers/xyz

    Publish npm packages with fewer screw-ups

    Shell 100

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Your company understands that by using principled, well-tested dependencies, more time can be spent addressing your customers’ needs. Your company uses Sanctuary and wishes to see the project and surrounding ecosystem thrive.

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