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Open source developer working on Rails, Julia, and Python projects. Probably not a robot. Can often be found making or playing Tetris


Aiming big

Featured work

  1. djsegal/julia_packages

    Find your next Julia package 🎁

    HTML 63
  2. djsegal/Tetris.jl

    you know, for kids? 👾

    Julia 26
  3. djsegal/Fussy.jl

    A Fusion Systems Code

    Julia 10
  4. djsegal/hustling-sunlight

    hustling sunlight insures sunrise 🌅

    Ruby 3
  5. djsegal/yes-or-no

    the only question that matters 👍

    JavaScript 1
  6. djsegal/pad_pricer

    Airbnb Price Predictor 🏠

    HTML 1

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