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My name is Loïc Hoguin and I have been writing free open source projects for Erlang/OTP since 2010. You are probably using some of them, or at least heard of them: Cowboy, Ranch,, Gun and more.

You are here because you would like to give back. You can use this platform to provide me with a monthly income. You can give as much as you want and stop whenever you want. Your generosity will be rewarded. Check the perks you can unlock below.

Alternatively you can donate via Paypal, direct bank transfer or other options.

29 sponsors are funding essen’s work.


It'd be like a big crowd of nice, shiny people.


Featured work

  1. ninenines/cowboy

    Small, fast, modern HTTP server for Erlang/OTP.

    Erlang 6,658
  2. ninenines/

    A build tool for Erlang that just works.

    Makefile 551
  3. ninenines/ranch

    Socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols.

    Erlang 1,089
  4. ninenines/gun

    HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Websocket client for Erlang/OTP.

    Erlang 782
  5. erlang/otp


    Erlang 9,810
  6. rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server

    Open source RabbitMQ: core server and tier 1 (built-in) plugins

    Makefile 9,551

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$10 a month


You could meet me and buy me a drink, or let me put that money to better use. You have my gratitude.

$50 a month


You get priority when adding features or fixing bugs. You can contact me privately for assistance.

$250 a month


The above, plus advertisement space on and in the README of the project of your choosing.

$1,000 a month


The above, plus you can ask me to keep maintaining an older version of a project you use while you are sponsoring.

$3,000 a month


The above, plus I keep myself available for up to 2 days per month of remote assistance (consulting or custom development; conditions to be negotiated separately).

$5,000 a month


The above, with 4 days included instead of 2. I will also be available for at least one on-site visit per year (more, depending on location; travel expenses not included).

$6,000 a month


The above, with 5 days included instead of 4. For longer options please contact me privately.