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John Neffenger

Vancouver BC, Canada

👋 Hi! I'm John Neffenger, an independent software developer in Vancouver, British Columbia. With your support, I can continue to work on these open-source projects:

OpenJDK and OpenJFX
Publish each new release of the Java Development Kit and JavaFX in the Snap Store. Work with the upstream projects to create verified reproducible builds.

VOLANO Chat Server
Update the server with the latest Java features and rewrite the clients for the modern Web. Make it easy to install, configure, and monitor the server.

Programming Electronic Ink
Document how to design, code, and test Java applications for e-paper with Ubuntu on Kobo e-readers.

See my website for other ways to sponsor my work or make a one-time donation.


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Featured work

  1. jgneff/openjdk

    Current JDK release and early-access builds

    Shell 36
  2. jgneff/openjfx

    Current JavaFX release and early-access builds

    Shell 7
  3. jgneff/volano

    VOLANO Chat Server

    Java 3
  4. jgneff/epd-javafx

    JavaFX application for e-paper displays

    Java 10

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🥈 Want to learn about programming electronic ink? Your sponsorship at this tier lets me dedicate more of my time to writing.

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🥇 Run the VOLANO chat server? Your contribution supports my work in rewriting the server and clients for the modern Web.