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Joe Dolson

Saint Paul, MN

Hi! I'm Joe Dolson, and I'm a contributor to WordPress and the creator of several WordPress plugins. I've been working to help make WordPress accessible since 2012, and am hoping for additional support to keep contributing without burning out.

In the last eight years, I've helped WordPress move forward on many accessibility points, including:

  • instituting the WordPress theme accessibility program,
  • helping push WordPress to a commitment to follow WCAG 2.0 at level AA
  • help review new project and provide accessibility advice for major initiatives such as Gutenberg
  • lead the first WP Accessibility Day, a 24 hour event to talk about WordPress and Accessibility

But as a freelancer, my time is unfunded, and that causes an ongoing struggle to manage to contribute as effectively as I can without having to choose between burnout, bankruptcy, or no longer being able to contribute to the project.

Having some portion of income targeted directly to support my work on WordPress would make this process considerably more manageable. Thank you for any support you can provide! In addition to working on WordPress directly, I'd like to be able to dedicate some time to some of the accessibility-focused side projects I've worked on that don't have any income tied to them, such as Access Monitor, WP Accessibility, and Accessible Video Library. These can provide valuable services for the WordPress community, but I have limited availability to spend time on them.


Reaching this goal would allow me to dedicate approximately a quarter of my time to WordPress core accessibility improvements. This significantly improves my ability to work through large and complex problems to improve the experience for users with disabilities around the world.

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Featured work

  1. WordPress/WordPress

    WordPress, Git-ified. This repository is just a mirror of the WordPress subversion repository. Please do not send pull requests. Submit pull requests to…

  2. joedolson/access-monitor

    Plug-in to check WordPress site accessibility using

    PHP 18
  3. joedolson/accessible-video-library

    Add WordPress UI for adding captions and transcripts to MediaElementJS videos

    PHP 1

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Anything you can give is helpful, and I sincerely appreciate it.

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That's almost half a pound of coffee, since I brew my own at home - and that can keep me going for almost a week!

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It all starts to add up: if a few people are giving me $10 a month, it starts to feel like I'm really being paid for open source work.

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If somebody gave me $25 once in thanks, that's awesome. To commit to it monthly is pretty spectacular!

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Really? You're amazing. Thank you!

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What an amazingly specific sponsorship level! It's almost like I created this for a particular sponsor! Thanks, GoDaddy!